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Why you should be self-made

Zia Hasan

    21 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Why you should be self-made

The journey of ‘being self-made’ starts right after your birth. Well, to be precise, couple of months later when you start to crawl by yourself risking falling down and getting injured and for sure, you had some fall down and ear-piercing screaming that time. Yes I know what you want to say, there were some people around you who used to cheer you up while you were crawling or rushed to you to help when you somersaulted. Yes, that is true but it was solely your mission to crawl around the room all by yourself. Am I right? I know I am. What’s the definition of ‘self-made’? Let’s see what the dictionary says. It says, ‘Having become successful by one’s own efforts.’ Now, whose effort was that to try to crawl in the first place? Of course, it was you and you accomplished the mission very successfully all by yourself. And then the ‘mission impossible’ series started landing onto your shoulder one after another in your life with the passage of time. You were not exactly sure though who was assigning those mission for you or it was you picking them up.

Well, I would like to name major accomplishments of your life while you were successful as a self-made person. Let’s be on board. Your 2nd mission was to stand up by yourself and take the first step. What do you think, your mom or dad instructed you that time saying, ‘honey, get up and start walking’? No! It was again you who decided to stand up and take the first step, took all the struggle, survived injuries and finally you succeeded to stand on your feet all by yourself. The world was then open for you to walk down from one end on the other.

And then you had your first school days. You entered a new world where you found lot of children of your age and some elderly people. A totally new environment you had to cope up with. Now who taught you the soft skills about how to make friendship? Did you attend any course anywhere on interpersonal skills that time? Again no. You did it all by yourself. You became successful of making friendship with all those new children by your own initiative. Same things can be said for your first bike lesson or swimming lessons. You struggled, you got hurt but end of the day, you won all by yourself. It was your ‘self-made’ success.

And there came your yearly school exams. You studied hard, you memorized all the question-answers and took all the pains. Who took all those exams every year, who took all those pains of studying, memorizing, writing etc? Yes, it was only you. There were of course lot of help around you but nobody could sit for your exam on behalf of you. So, it was you and your self-made success!

Leaving school, you joined college or university. Again a totally new environment with thousands of new people from different places were around you. You felt like that you were put into an ocean taking from a lake. Who swam across that ocean successfully? Who struggled hard to survive in those days? Who achieved the degree taking all the pains and struggle? Yes, you are right, it was you who gradually adjusted to that new environment, ran at the same pace of the academic study, and yet managed to balance between academic life and social life. What a set of skills!

Last but not the least, when you won over the heart of someone special, did you attend any workshop prior to that entitled ‘how to win over people’? Of course not! And that is you throughout your journey of life as lone traveller and self-made winner.

Now that you have seen and sensed how successfully you have passed through your life so far being a self-made, it is high time you believed that you would be able to pass it through for the rest of your life as well. As long as your career is concerned, you just don’t need to run after the beaten track of searching for job, rather listen to your heart and listen to your passion. You are truly an unprecedented creation who can really gift the world something unprecedented. Believe in your ‘self-made journey’ again and go get the accomplishment! 


The writer is a Communication Trainer, Edmonton, AB, Canada. He can be reached at: ziahasan69@gmail.com