Indian LPG, kerosene cheapest in subcontinent | 2018-06-20 |

Indian LPG, kerosene cheapest in subcontinent

    20 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

MUMBAI: Even as petrol and diesel prices in the country shoot up and decline in tune international crude prices, Indian consumers may take some solace from comparisons of prices of cooking gas and kerosene in India with its neighbours.

Prices in the country for these two cooking fuels are still the cheapest in the subcontinent, according to data compiled by Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC), reports The Hindu.

India has a total of 22.43 crore active liquefied natural gas (LPG) customers in the domestic category, according to government data, of which more than 18.11 crore, or greater than 80%, avail the subsidy. The LPG coverage of the country estimated on the basis of active domestic connections and estimated households as on April 1 are about 80.9 percent.

Consumers in India paid Rs493.55 for an LPG cylinder weighing 14.2 kg, averaging Rs34.76 per kg for a subsidised cylinder and Rs671 or Rs47.25 for a non-subsidised cylinder as on June 1.

Comparatively, consumers in Pakistan pay Rs1039.52 for a domestic LPG cylinder weighing 11.8 kg or Rs88.95 per kg, making it the highest in the Indian subcontinent.

Users in Sri Lanka and Nepal pay Rs815.30 and Rs867.11 for 12.5-kg and 14.2-kg cylinders, respectively. This translates to a price of Rs65.22 per kg in Sri Lanka and Rs61.06 per kg in Nepal.

Consumers in Bangladesh pay Rs643.79 for 12.5 kg LPG cylinders, translating to price of Rs51.5 per kg.

Indians began paying Rs25.03 per litre for kerosene from June 1. Comparatively, consumers in Pakistan pay Rs46.78 per litre, while those in Bangladesh pay Rs52.62 per litre. Consumers in Sri Lanka have to pay Rs43.25 per litre of kerosene and Nepal charges Rs58.02 per litre.

Even as Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan vows to keep petrol and diesel prices within the reach of the common man, they are still the highest in the subcontinent, after about a fortnight of price reductions.

Buyers shell out Rs76.43 in New Delhi) for a litre of petrol as on June 8, which is almost 53% more than the Rs49.9 paid by consumers in Pakistan, 30% more than the Rs58.67 charged in Sri Lanka and about 10% more the Rs69.37 and Rs69.63 paid by consumers in Nepal and Bangladesh, respectively.

Prices in other metros like Mumbai (Rs84.26), Kolkata (Rs79.10) and Chennai (Rs79.33) are even more due to higher State levies.