Grateful to all Bangladeshi fans | 2018-06-20 |

Grateful to all Bangladeshi fans

German envoy tells daily sun

Md Enamul Hassan     20 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Grateful to all Bangladeshi fans

German Ambassador to Bangladesh Dr Thomas Prinz has said he is grateful to all Bangladeshi supporters of German team in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

In an exclusive interview with the daily sun recently, he said the love of Bangladeshi fans for Germany is amazing.

One fan in Magura, Mohammad Amjad, made the longest German flag in the world (5.5 km) on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup! That’s symbolic of Bangladeshi people’s passion, said the envoy.

In reply to a query, he said I like football because it’s a game you can talk about all over the world. It’s emotional; it’s unpredictable - full of drama.

The envoy further said his favourite players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Müller, Neymar and a few others, are always great fun to watch as they are outstanding players.

 Citing that Germany are among the leading teams in the world, Dr Prinz said their strength is team spirit.

They are as good as last time, but to win the World Cup you also need some luck, he continued.

What characteristics are specific to your German squad? ‘Team spirit,’ Dr Prinz replied with a smile.

He said all of their players are equally valued and there are a couple of well-known names like Neuer, Özil, Müller or Gomez, but it’s not a game of one star player that carries the whole team.

“We have a Star Team,” he added.

About the probable teams to win the World Cup 2018, he said teams like France, Spain, Brazil, England, Belgium, and Germany have potentials to take the Cup home.

Spain are a very experienced squad with players from top clubs in Europe and France are less experienced but they have some excellent players who are relatively young and highly motivated, said Dr Prinz.

The German diplomat said these two teams are my top favorites for this World Cup.

Brazil will be interesting to watch as they are highly motivated this time to show the world that they can do better.

People enjoy the World Cup in their heart’s content even though their country doesn’t have a team participating in the tournament, he noted.

Asked whether the football is losing its charm day by day, he said, “I think it is getting more popular every day.”

But there’s no denying that commercialisation leads to a few clubs dominating the rest such as Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, he continued.

Football also needs small clubs and real competition, he maintained.