Undesirable row over Khaleda’s treatment | 2018-06-14 | daily-sun.com

Undesirable row over Khaleda’s treatment

    14 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

We are perplexed by the fiasco of Khaleda Zia’s health check up for the past few weeks. Allegedly her health condition has deteriorated due to the sub-standard living conditions in the old prison. It is the government’s duty to provide appropriate health care to the erstwhile prime minister, as she is imprisoned. But the BNP leader refuses to get her health checked even at the topmost medical facility of the country. She seems to have little faith in the government run hospital as she wants to avail the facilities of a private one. Undoubtedly the government is trying its best, but somehow the twines don’t seem to meet.

The deep mistrust between the government and the BNP, as displayed by the issue, is not healthy for the political situation of the country. As citizens we always hope for a more congenial relationship among the political parties of the country. We also aspire for a truly democratic environment in the political scenario of Bangladesh. The BNP leader’s unwillingness to rely on government hospital also demonstrates the tendency of our political leaders to rely on private or foreign health care facilities. But the common people of the country have nowhere else to go except the local facilities and they would consider themselves lucky to get even that much. Our leaders should display more faith in the government run health care system as that would encourage the facilities to improve their services.

We hope that the issue will be amicably settled within a short time as the elderly leader needs immediate medical attention. If anything happens to her then her followers would blame the ruling party for it. That could have serious repercussions on the peace and stability of the country. Both sides should maintain decorum when speaking in public, lest they send the wrong message to the people. The people in general, our youth in particular, need a national role model to look up to. We hope our leaders would set good examples by being cautious about their speech and actions in front of the nation.