Govt to implement 7 gas transmission projects | 2018-06-14 |

Govt to implement 7 gas transmission projects

Shamim Jahangir     14 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The government is going to implement seven major gas transmission pipelines in the country’s north and southwestern region to expand the transmission network by another 748 kilometers at a cost of Tk 114.50 billion (11450 crore), official sources said.

Of the projects, about 65-Km Bhola-Barisal 24-inch transmission pipeline will be developed at a cost of Tk 7.92 billion (792 crore). The government plans to supply at least 500mmcfd of gas to Barishal once the project is completed. At present, Barishal remains out of gas transmission network.

The government also plans to implement another 105-Km transmission network from Barisal to Khulna at a cost of Tk 16.22 billion (1622.33 crore).

Another project for implementing Bagura-Rangpur-Syedpur Pipeline was also undertaken at a cost of Tk 1603.90 crore. The GTCL will implement the project under self funding. The government is expected to establish more agro-processing industries in the belt through implementation of the project.

A 43-km 30-inch pipeline between Kutumbapur and Meghnaghat will be developed to facilitate gas-fired power plant at Meghnaghat. The government is expected to spend Tk 7.92  (792 crore) for implementation of the project.

Besides, 385-km long three separate pipelines between Paira port and Khluna, Naganband-Gopalganj-Khulna and Bhomra-Khulna will be implemented at a cost of Tk 64.27 billion (6427.45 crore).  Of the cost, the state-owned Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL) will provide Tk 28.02 billion (2,802cr) from its own fund.

At the first day of public hearing, Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL) officials said that the GTCL transmitted on an average 79 percent or 2690mmcfd natural gas through its 1560 kilometers transmission line. By the next two years, they said, the transmission line will be expanded to 2125 kilometers.

The GTCL is now implementing ten projects with self investment of Tk 13.053 billion in fiscal years 2017-18 and 2018-19. To minimize the loss, GTCL managing director Ali Mohammad Al-Mamun demanded Tk 0.4476 for transmission of per cubic metre of gas.