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Soulful Songs Released This Month

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     14 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Soulful Songs 
Released This Month

Throughout Ramadan there has been much discussion across media on religious and devotional songs created in the past. However, our budding and inspiring musicians of today are also not far behind. With the usage of advanced technology, timeless spirits and soulful lyrics, these young artistes and bands have given us a taste of devotional songs that truly quenches our souls. Let’s have a look:


‘Shantir Bani’ By Mithun Chakra

Talented percussionist and singer Mithun Chakra has released a Ramadan special song “Shantir Bani” on June 6. The music video was released online as well as on TV and radio. He shared, “I was working on it for a long time. I wanted to pay tribute through my song to one of the best human beings ever seen in the world- prophet Muhammad (SM). I wanted to praise and glorify Allah through it.” The video captures many picturesque locations where the singer is seen beating his percussion near a waterfall, on a landscape, by the mountains and so on. As he glorifies God Almighty, sitting knelt on ground, raising his finger towards the sky, we can’t help but feel awe and our thoughts too are directed towards the creator of the universe. The music video also captures many beautiful moments such as one where a girl is seen throwing her iftar out of the balcony on which her mother reprimands her only to find out that she was not throwing food rather giving it to a homeless man. The lyrics, especially the chorus, is one that immediately catches your heart and you cannot resist your urge to sing along with the singer. ‘Shantir Bani’ speaks about the peace and blessings that messenger Muhammad (SM) has delivered- that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad (SM) is his messenger. The song was released from Whiteout Entertainment and lyrics was written by Russel Rahman. The song was mixed and mastered by Habib Wahid. The music video was directed by Musafire Syed.


“Tri Bhuboner Prio Muhammad” Cover By Backstage Band

Lately, a music video has gone viral over the net. Band Backstage has made a tribute of the timeless song of poet Nazrul “Tri Bhuboner Prio Muhammad”.  However, they have added a modern day twist. They have added some beatboxing to the song that has otherwise no musical instruments other than vocal instrument. Adib, Abir, Shuvo, Rudra and Mohabiswa from the band begin the cover with a beautiful prayer – “La Ilaha Illallah” and then they move on to the main song with some beatboxing in the background. Such an innovative approach to an already magnificent song is sure to revitalize our spirits. It is also quite positive that bands of this generation are being so creative and using their talents for such works. We hope to see many more young bands and artists doing songs and covers like this one. This song has been viewed more than 60,000 times on their Youtube channel.