Kim-Trump Summit in Singapore | 2018-06-11 |

Kim-Trump Summit in Singapore

Anwar A. Khan     11 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Kim-Trump Summit in Singapore

The peaceful city-state of Singapore is witnessing a whirlwind of activity ahead of the circus that will be Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s summit on June 12. Trump says the Singapore summit with North Korea's Kim is back on. With the historic meeting abruptly cancelled and then rescheduled, frantic preparations are under way to book out hotels for around 3000 journalists, set up meeting places and organise tight security. Tourism workers, law enforcement and government officials of three countries are scrambling to prepare for the dramatic event. There are plans for extensive road closures and police will line the streets around the venue, expected to be the lavish Shangri-La or Marina Bay Sands hotels.

An inappropriate background or unsuitable gift could be disastrous for the tense talks between two men who only recently called each other “dotard” and “little rocket man” as they exchanged nuclear threats. After what seemed like an endless backward and forward, a highly-anticipated summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12 is officially on - again. The summit would represent the first ever meeting between a North Korean leader and a sitting US president.

The US wants Kim to commit to giving up his nuclear weapons and denuclearisation in the Korean Peninsula. Once Trump imperiled to Kim that he had a bigger and more powerful nuclear button, and his button worked well. However, North Korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site. This is very good news for North Korea and the World - big progress! But if America, along with other nuclear power countries, destroys all of their nuclear bombs, there will be a brighter path for the whole world. Then it can also be integrated in the community of nations.The process may begin on an agreement to have both Trump and Kim eliminate their nuke programmes.

While the negotiations ahead will be difficult, we want to believe both the leaders are contemplating a path forward where they can make a strategic shift, one that their countries have not been prepared to make before.The Trump administration's goal is to convince the North that although it has long viewed its nuclear weapons programme as providing the security it needs, the real threat to their security is holding on to that nuclear weapons programme and not the transposed. Trump threatened earlier, "We’ve had a lot of convolves about that."

But the talks should not focus only on how to achieve the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula but also removes the American fear which engulfs the world people because of its nuke power and immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits. We are talking about a brighter future for both America and North Korea as well as the whole world if they make a smart choice.

Trump has vowed he wants the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea, and his deputies have referred to ending the North’s capacity to produce nuclear fuel, its missile programme and its capacity to nuclear weapons that could target the United States. In return, Trump has offered assurances to Kim that the U.S. would not attack his country and that it would help make Kim rich with U.S. investments and economic development. Trump also wants to use the meeting to pressure Pyongyang into giving up its nuclear weapons. This reveals a tricky and ugly game of the US establishment. What about his own case? The answer is very clear to everyone.

Still, amid all the fanfare and political drama, the U.S. president also attempted to tamp down expectations for the meeting, where the two sides are due to discuss the North’s nuclear weapons programme, calling it a beginning. The White House had initially said the meeting would only be held to discuss the North Korea’s immediate denuclearisation. So, the observers believe that the mercurial U.S. leader may have his eyes on a grander goal than the primary issues of concern in appearance.

The U.S. president has touted his campaign of maximum pressure as having brought the North to the negotiating table, a claim refuted by the Pyongyang. That campaign saw the U.N. impose its most stringent sanctions regime to date. Still, it remains unclear whether Kim will ever agree to fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he views as the only thing preventing regime change.

Trump also said North Korean officials asked about sanctions, which Trump said will remain in place. He wants North Korea to denuclearise, meaning to get rid of its nuclear arms, in return for relief from economic sanctions. But the leadership in Pyongyang is believed to regard nuclear weapons as crucial to its survival and has rejected full disarming.

The summit itself is largely a symbolic gesture, but a hugely important for diplomacy. Many think both sides can pull the plug. What North Korea does desperately need is an improvement in its economic fortunes. This is Kim’s chance to persuade the US and other countries to engage in joint endeavours and end sanctions on North Korea and for the world peace.

Dialogue and confrontation, and peace and war exercises can never go hand-in-hand. Many also believe it will be a ploy of more US hegemonism in Korean peninsula. Hence, Kim has agreed to a risky summit without anything in his pocket from trump.

Still whatever happens, the summit marks a new era for both the leaders to embark on a global diplomacy exercise for the establishment of world peace in 2018.

Now, two nations’ self-regarding leaders are at the centre of a remarkable moment. The expected summit on June 12 speaks of a choice before the leaderships of both North Korea and the US to take their countries in a new direction. It will take bold leadership from Trump and Kim if they were able to seize this lifetime opportunity. It will be a very special moment for the world peace!


The writer is a senior citizen