Macron’s White House tree disappears | 2018-05-01 |

Macron’s White House tree disappears

    1 May, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Macron’s White House tree disappears

A tree gifted to President Donald Trump by French President Emmanuel Macron has disappeared from the White House lawn, reports BBC.

The pair planted the sapling, taken from the site of a World War One battle in north-east France, last week.

Macron said the tree would be a reminder of “these ties that bind us”.

But a photographer on Saturday took a shot of only a yellow patch of grass where the tree once stood.         

The French ambassador to the US later tweeted the sapling was in quarantine.

The tree, a European sessile oak, came from the site of the Battle of Belleau Wood, which took place in the summer of 1918. Nearly 2,000 US soldiers died in the battle north-east of Paris.

Yet only four days after it was planted, the sapling has disappeared.

With no official reason given for the sapling mystery, speculation began online about the tree’s fate.