A President acceptable to all | 2018-04-26 | daily-sun.com

A President acceptable to all

    26 April, 2018 12:00 AM printer

We heartily welcome President Abdul Hamid as the head of the state for the second consecutive term. He was unanimously chosen by the parliament to serve the country for another term. His first tenure as President of the country has been quite successful and free from any kind of controversy. His clean political image remains a source of inspiration for the countrymen.

The President’s acceptability to all for the largely titular position is also due to his down to earth simplicity and great sense of humour. His publicly made political commentaries are highly balanced and do justice to his position as the head of the state. He is extremely popular with the university graduates for his self-critical witty speeches at university convocations. As the President of the country, he is also the Chancellor of all universities of the land. His speeches are very popular with all age groups on YouTube and the social media sites.

He upholds the gravity of his position without any pomposity, an art unique to him. There resides the real charm of President Abdul Hamid – the son of the soil who never lost touch with his roots. We have observed him during the time when he served as speaker of the parliament. He was always unfailingly witty and sweet tempered even during the most trying situations.

As six times elected parliament member, he has done a lot for the development of his constituency also. The country would benefit if there were more politicians who, like him, are not only dedicated to the country but also widely acceptable to all segments of people.

Bangladesh is now in its march along the path of progress. At this critical juncture of history, the country is in dire need for guidance from such a political idol like President Abdul Hamid. Moreover, an all-important national election is going to be held this year. We hope that the President will play necessary role in bringing together all the political parties to participate in the national election and thereby ensure an election acceptable to all.