Chancellor’s active role encouraging | 2018-04-17 |

Chancellor’s active role encouraging

    17 April, 2018 12:00 AM printer

We are heartened by the news in yesterday’s daily sun that President Abdul Hamid, in his capacity as the Chancellor of all the universities of the country, has given certain directives to the VCs of private universities. His action was in response to rising demands for greater transparency in the academic and administrative activities of private universities. The Chancellor stepped in as the education ministry and University Grants Commission (UGC) failed to stop the growing irregularities in these institutions.

It is encouraging that the Chancellor’s office is not sitting idle after giving the directives but actively pursuing the matter via letters to the ministry and UGC asking for progress reports on the Chancellor’s directives. His directives to the universities ask them to implement the Private University Act 2010 and also put more responsibility on the universities with regard to students’ moral and ethical wellbeing. The directives also ask for opening of new departments for technical education which is now a requirement of time and should be given more importance than before.

Such active supervisory role of the Honourable Chancellor will invigorate and improve the standard of higher education in the country. There are rules and laws in place for the regulation of every sector in the country whether it is education, health care or public transport system, etc. But the implementation of those rules and laws are not always visible everywhere. For good governance it is necessary to monitor the implementation of the regulatory rules and laws.

Education is one of the most vital sectors of the country, like health care. Maintaining the standard in education is important for having qualified people to run the country in the future. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. As we sow, so we will reap. It is necessary to ensure proper implementation of the directives of the Chancellor in order to have qualified professionals in all fields. Education and health care cannot be treated as the usual business for profit like most other businesses. These sectors must be given due consideration for the betterment of the people and the country.