Becoming vegetarian changed my life: Ellie | 2018-04-17 |

Becoming vegetarian changed my life: Ellie

    17 April, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Becoming vegetarian changed my life: Ellie

Ellie Goulding says becoming a vegetarian ''changed her life''. The 'How Long Will I Love You' hitmaker gave up meat a few years ago and admits it has made her feel so much better in herself and her appearance.

She said: ''At the beginning of my career I was doing that no-carbs thing, which I thought was going to keep me thin. I was having to fit into the smallest dresses and constantly be photographed. It's weird, because I was coming out with this music and gaining respect and then I realised that people were becoming interested in me for completely different reasons, like the way I looked.

''Over the past few years I started being a vegetarian again and it's changed my life. I rarely have breakouts and my hair has never been so healthy. It's really hard to find a reason to eat meat again. It's dangerous to become friends with me because you will probably become vegetarian!'' Whilst Ellie opts for a much more healthier diet now, she still loves fast food.

Speaking to The Observer, she added: ''I definitely eat fast food, but McDonald's wouldn't be the top of my list, although they did bring out a vegan burger and I respect them for that. To be honest, it depends how drunk I am, because you never know - but I draw the line at eating meat.''             —Contactmusic