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Ways to improve writing skill

Syed Muhammad Shoeb     29 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Ways to improve writing skill

Writing is something that we do throughout our lifetimes. It is one of the four linguistic skills and in case of (primary through higher secondary) students in Bangladesh it is the most important area as we could not incorporate any system for assessing speaking skills yet. So all the students have to do is to try to impress the educators through their writing skill and spelling plays a vital role here. As a student gets older and progresses through various grades, he or she will have to write reports and papers. Instructors at all grade levels, including the university level, will grade harshly on poor spelling. This will invariably affect one’s grade and possibly determine his future success in life.

To achieve excellence in writing English there are some way outs.  At first the learners should practice writing in English on any familiar topic. Since writing is more demanding in terms of such factors as grammatical accuracy, mechanics, diction, coherence, cohesive ties, etc., the recurrence of practicing writing in English can improve writing. Grammatical accuracy encompasses a broader domain in which sentence construction is one of the most important issues. Sentence construction extends a writer’s grammatical knowledge of English. Structure and style provides opportunities to focus and practice special stylistic features of written English. Instead of memorising the text while writing, the learners can at first understand the text and style of writing of the text to convert it into his own style.

In writing skillfully, proper knowledge of mechanism, diction, coherence, cohesive ties etc. are important. Another most important thing is to be aware of enriching vocabulary. Shortage of vocabulary produces weak writing.  Moreover, the writers feel demotivated in writing any new text due to poor command in the usage of appropriate vocabulary. Learning new words should be continuous process. It requires steady and full attention, like practicing a sport. While learning new words the learners can check the word’s meaning(s), parts of speech, usage in the sentence, its level of formality, other words it commonly goes with, and its pronunciation etc. Collecting vocabulary from different sources and using them in familiar context very frequently can be one of the most effective strategies of vocabulary enrichment.

Critical thinking is often seen as a necessary aspect of academic writing in the west. “Knowledge and the methods of scholarship by which it is pursued, must continually be questioned and challenged if it is to continue to be valid (Ballard & Clanchy, 1991.” While writing or before writing critical thinking can sharpen the writer’s clarity of thought. It also shows path to focus on supporting details with elaboration as well as with logical ground. For overcoming mistakes and errors in English writing there are many ways. Learners at undergraduate level even after many years of formal study in English commit significant number of mistakes specially in grammar, spelling, vocabulary choice or in discourse. A mistake can be self corrected but not the error. The learners can be aware of such mistakes and error in spelling, wrong use of words, capitalization, preposition, sub-verb Agreement, article, tense, un-necessary adding of words or structures or redundancy, number, pronoun, sequence of tense, word structure and semantics etc. For correcting errors learners should take external support of teachers or resource books. To achieve a sound impression in writing, learners need to know the aim or purpose of their writing. Setting light to the topic is also important.

Reading is another important factor for writing smoothly in English. Our syllabus often lacks enough floor of creative writing.  For writing effectively learners are expected to have a good reading habit, preferably from their extensive reading habits which can provide them feedback to enrich ingredients of writing considerably. As before good cooking one needs to arrange the ingredients properly as well as gather information about the process of cooking, before writing learners need to know how to write well in English.

A writing having enough up-dated information, validity, reliability, authenticity, attracts readers.  Above all the learners must be motivated for writing in English. Without motivation writing well in English becomes difficult.

Writing is mainly a process of cognitive development through which a learner undergoes gradually. Achieving competence in writing is not a short process rather it requires dedication or sincerity, enough perspiration as well as constructive feedback.


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