Illegal car parking nobody’s headache | 2018-03-25 |

Illegal car parking nobody’s headache

    25 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Cars and other vehicles are parked haphazardly in and around busy areas of the capital city contributing to the serious traffic jam. Mostly private cars are parked in front of offices and educational institutions occupying a significant portion of roads and thereby narrowing down the space for vehicles to ply. This has been deteriorating the nagging traffic problem badly in the city where the road space for vehicles is awfully inadequate with respect to the required amount.

Haphazard parking of vehicles indicates severe mismanagement of traffic which remains a cause of the sufferings of commuters on a regular basis. Time and again we came across various ideas for solving the acute shortage of parking space, especially in and around commercial hubs of the city. Serious traffic jam due to illegal and haphazard parking means little implementation of those ideas and options.

As a result, thousands of work hours of office-goers, students and those who are engaged in the driving profession are being wasted every day. Even those who mindlessly park their cars obstructing the easy passage of other commuters share the pain of heavy traffic but remain mostly indifferent in acting responsibly for solving this problem. And the law enforcers and the city authorities are very often found unconcerned about this pressing issue.

When they are asked about their failure in bringing discipline to unlawful parking of vehicles, both the lawmen and city authorities engage in shifting the blame. It is, as if, nobody is there to end the parking problem. This explains that a section of transport owners continue to use the road space for parking, loading and unloading their inter-district buses making the traffic problem even worse. Mindless illegal parking of vehicles on roadsides sometimes causes deadly accidents as well.

The time has come to take and implement strategic steps to solve the long-standing illegal parking problem in the city.