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Do You Know ?

    15 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

•    No one really knows who actually invented the wheel. It is thought possibly the original wheels were actually round branches from trees and that humans later perfected the concept of the wheel and then the wheel and axle.
•    The earliest civilization that is known to use the wheel was found as evidence in an area known then as Samaria in 4,000 B.C., but is known as Iraq today. They had a very sophisticated culture and archeological evidence shows that they were just beginning to relocate and live in cities.
•    The earliest wheels that are believed to exist were actually pottery wheels. Around 3,700 B.C., wagon wheels were used in Central Asia. The original wheels were circular only, with the development of the addition of spokes later.
•    Wheels make life easier by allowing you to accomplish something for a longer period of time. When you turn a wheel that has an axle, the axle will also turn. The larger the wheel, the easier it will turn due to the shorter distance of the axle turn.
•    Wheels bring a mechanical advantage by allowing you to turn something heavy through the use of an axle that is attached to the heavy item. An example of this might be a pencil sharpener. The opposite of that idea is how car wheels work. They require a lot of force to turn the axle so that the wheels move very fast.
•    Wheels are used in tiny ways, as in the mechanisms of an intricate watch all the way to larger functions such as wagons and cars. There are many ways that wheels work with other mechanisms such as pulleys.
•    The invention of the wheel is thought to be one of the major reasons that civilizations made such great advancements. In farming, there were many uses such as wheelbarrows and in cloth making, the spinning wheel allowed the conversion of raw materials to yarn and string.