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Police ‘fail’ to combat drugs

Md Esaraf Hossain     9 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Police ‘fail’ to combat drugs

Law enforcement agencies are failing to bring a resounding success in combating narcotic drug trade unlike the success they have attained in fighting militancy in the country.

Detective sources said inadequate police drive, lack of close monitoring and some cops’ links with drug traders are responsible for the rising trend in

drug offences.

In exchange for money, some dishonest police help drug traders run their business, they added.

Most of drug smugglers having nexus with the ruling party men are dealing in drugs in the capital and elsewhere in the country, a detective police officer said.

In most cases, law enforcers cannot take action against the offenders due to the political nexus, he said wishing not to be named.

Many alleged that law enforcers are not dead serious about carrying out a massive crackdown against Yaba, heroin and other narcotic drugs.

Countrywide police drives against drug smugglers are merely eyewash, they said.

A large number of young men and women, mostly students of schools, colleges and universities, get addicted to deadly drugs like Yaba and heroin.

Due to law enforcers’ weakness, drug traders can continue their business in residential and other areas.

Some policemen have recently been caught or suspended on charges of their complicity in drug dealing.

Detectives arrested assistant sub-inspector Suhrawardy Rubel along with 50,000 Yaba tablets and Tk 5 lakh in Narayanganj on Wednesday night.

Six policemen were suspended on charges of hiding information about the drug recovery from dealers in Kosba of Brahmanbaria the same day.

None can dare to run drug business if officers-in-charge of police stations become more active in dealing with drug offences, schoolteacher Selima Khan said.

Deputy Commissioner Masudur Rahman said, “Law enforcers are carrying out anti-drug drives in the capital. Many have been arrested.”

The arrestees have been imprisoned. But, they are set free from jail on bail and involved again in the crime, he added.

When contacted, RAB Director (media) Wing Commander Mufti Mahmud Khan said, “Like other law-enforcing agencies, the RAB is working hard to combat drug trade.”

On Wednesday, a RAB team nabbed seven drug smugglers — Faisal, Zakir, Wali, Sumon, Nur, Kashem and Kalu — with 591 bottles of Phensidyl in Chittagong.

Former IGP AKM Shahidul Haque recently told newsmen that police could not bring a great success as they did in fighting militancy.

IGP Dr Javed Patwary was not available over mobile phone for his comment about the drug issue.

However, law enforcers have achieved praise from international community for their successful operations against militancy across the country.

At least 57 militant suspects were killed in police raids on militant dens in different parts of the country.

Anti-militancy drives were intensified nationwide following a violent terror strike on Gulshan Holy Artisan in 2016 that killed 20 people, mostly foreigners.