‘Panjore Chandroban’ Depicts The Agony Of Rohingyas | 2018-03-09 | daily-sun.com

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‘Panjore Chandroban’ Depicts The Agony Of Rohingyas

    9 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

‘Panjore Chandroban’ Depicts The Agony Of Rohingyas

Today the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka, will stage ‘Panjore Chandroban’ (Lunatic Asylum), written by Shahman Moishan and directed by Professor Dr. Israfil Shaheen, at Experimental Theatre Hall, BSA. Master’s students of the department are going to perform in the play.

‘Panjore Chandraban’ mainly tells the audience a story of the crisis and sorrows of Rohingya people in the context of geo-political catastrophe in South Asia, incorporating a global perspective. The play features the paradox of identity politics, hegemony of perverted intellectualism, the trauma of rape and other forms of oppression, fractured existential crisis of human beings, the misfortunes of kith and kin, the hope for a free land, and lastly the eternal desire for beauty.



The play is divided in six episodes where every episode shows the after-effects of massacre in speech and scenes. The play shows the abstract reality of trauma where songs, poems, movements, stylized acting and images combine to portray a vivid picture of the sufferings of Rohingya people.



Tanmay Paul, Sakhawat Fahad, Ummey Hany, Ummey Somaiya, Shangkar Kumer Bishwas, Roney Das, Israt Jahan Moutusi and Sanwarul Haque will portray different roles in the play. Ashiq Rahman Leeon has designed light and props for the production while costumes have been designed by Kazi Tamanna Haque Sigma. She has also composed the music along with Sydur Rahman Lipon whereas the play has been choreographed by Amit Chowdhury.

It is mentionable that the play ‘Panjore Chandroban’ was premiered on March 04, 2018 at Naat-Mandal Auditorium, DU. The play will be staged on 13 March in ‘Patna’ and on 15 March in Delhi at 8th Theatre Olympics scheduled to be held in India.