BIPSOT making ceaseless contribution to global peace | 2018-03-09 |

BIPSOT making ceaseless contribution to global peace

Ahamed Ullah, back from Rajendrapur Cantonment     9 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

BIPSOT making ceaseless contribution to global peace

Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training (BIPSOT), a world-class peacekeeping training centre in Gazipur, is tirelessly contributing to global peace and security.

It is dedicated to training peacekeepers for employment in all types of UNPSO (UN Peace Support Operations).

This institute fulfils the requirement of UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) as per General Assembly resolution which outlines ‘the necessity and responsibility of every nation to train their armed forces before any deployment’.

The foundation of BIPSOT was laid as Peace Keeping Operation Training Centre (PKOTC) in 1999. Later, it was remodelled and renamed as BIPSOT in 2002 to match with changing dimensions of conflicts.

BIPSOT organises seminars, symposiums, multinational exercises, multi-dimensional training and courses for peacekeepers. On an average, it conducts 32 courses every year.

Col Akhter Shahid, Senior Instructor-2 of BIPSOT, said “So far, 11633 participants from military, police and civilian participants received training from BIPSOT. Of them, 1618 were foreign participants from 41 countries.”

The mission of the institute is to impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.

The vision of BIPSOT is to promote global peace and security as an international centre of excellence.

He said BIPSOT achieve the training recognition certificate for the pre deployment training of the contingent from United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

“That’s an honour for us and this institute is the first to receive such certificate from the United Nations headquarters” said Col Akhter Shahid.

According to officials concerned, BIPSOT has a set of well-trained and experienced instructors from Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air force.

This institution has established a Command & Staff Simulation Room (CSSR) and a modern Language Lab. BIPSOT has both Left and Right Hand driving simulators to train our peacekeepers on driving before they are inducted in mission area.

All classrooms are computerized. To keep in touch with the deployed forces and to obtain updated scenario of the missions, BIPSOT is connected with high speed Internet.

It has very well-organized and highly-equipped syndicate discussion rooms, a growing library and an auditorium with a capacity of 300 men. The institution has almost 50 acres of land for field training. In addition, other facilities available within Rajendrapur Cantonment are also used.

An infantry battalion is affiliated and co-located with BIPSOT for providing necessary training support like conducting demonstration, exercise and necessary administrative assistance.

Maj Gen Md Enayet Ullah, Commandant of BIPSOT, said: “Currently, a two-week multi-national exercise titled ‘Shanti Doot-4’ is going at BIPSOT. Participants from 28 different countries are taking part in the training.

“The instructors of BIPSOT are highly experienced. Its training started on February 26 and will continue till March 12.”