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Do You Know ?

    8 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

•    The cricket bat was originally shaped like a hockey stick (1624) as the batsman had to hit the ball out of the bowler’s hands. Then as cricket laws (1770) changed, the bat became straight.
•    The bat is shaped like a paddle, with one side having a deep V (back) and the other side flat, called the blade. This allows for more air flow and greater power in the center where the ball will hit the bat.
•    The bat cannot be more than 38 inches or 965 mm long and 4.25 inches or 108 mm wide. The cricket bat weight varies from 1.1 to 1.4 kg.
•    Cricket bats are covered with various stickers representing the company the cricketer is advertising for.
•    There is some chemistry involved behind the bat. The bat is made from cricket-bat willow which is light and sturdy. Linseed oil is rubbed over the bat to make the wood fibers come closer and make the bat stronger.
•    In India, cricket bats were introduced in the1920s. They were made from willow trees found in Kashmir. The bats are knocked for 6 hours before use and are heavier than English bats.
•    Sachin Tendulkar’s bat had a thickness that extended all the way down the bat for hitting the ball more effectively; and was shorter in length.
•    Today a cheaper version of bats is made from wood called Mongoose bats or “half brick on a stick.” Podshaving is the craft of making bats.