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Sura Kahf

Verses (32-34)

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Sura Kahf

The names of Allah
Most Gracious, Most Merciful

32.          Set forth to them

                The parable of two men:

                For one of them We provided

                Two gardens of grape-vines

                And surrounded them

                With date palms;

                In between the two

                We placed corn-fields. 1


33.          Each of those gardens

                Brought forth its produce

                And failed not in the least

                Therein: in the midst

                Of them We caused

                A river to flow.


34.          (Abundant) was the produce

                This man had: he said

                To his companion, in the course

                Of a mutual argument:

                “Than you, and more honour

                And power in (my following

                of) men.” 2



1. Here is a simple parable of the contrast between two men. One was purse-proud, and forgot that what he had was from Allah, by way of a trust and a trial in this life. The other boasted of nothing: his trust was in Allah. The worldly wealth of the first was destroyed, and he had nothing left. The second was the happier in the end.

2. The two men began to compare notes. The arrogant one was puffed up with his possessions, his income, and his large family and following, and thought in his self-complacency that it would last for ever. He was also wrong in looking down on his companion, who, though less affluent, was the better man of the two.


(Source: The Meaning of the Glorious Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)