Sufi music will never die: Tochi Raina | 2018-02-24 |

Sufi music will never die: Tochi Raina

    24 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Singer Tochi Raina said that Sufi music can never die. Tochi attended the music launch of his upcoming film 'Note Pe Chot at 8/11' on Wednesday.

The singer, best known for singing soulful songs, was asked whether he thinks Sufi music will die. He said, "Sufi music will never die. It has been there since ages. Sufi music is poetry, and poetry always remains in the heart of people."

"Sufi music is our culture and we have to preserve our tradition and culture. There is no harm in doing experiments. Eastern countries and western countries have always picked up things from each other.

"If you see western countries are not leaving their culture but they are taking something from our culture. On the other hand, we are leaving behind our culture and trying to adapt things from the West so, I think we have to blend both cultures to come out with some good music compositions," he added.

What kind of challenges did he face while composing songs for the film?

He said, "I don't think about challenges. I feel if you start to think about challenges then it prevents you to take up that work. Hence, I focus on action rather than giving so much of thought to it."