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‘Tora-san’ comes back to home screens

Culture Desk     23 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

‘Tora-san’ comes back to home screens

An all-time Japanese box-office hit “Tora-san’s Sunrise and Sunset” will be re-aired on NTV at 8:45 am tomorrow. 

Humanistic yet humorous, this film which will bring laughter and tears, features unsuccessful love and family drama of a peddler, Tora-san (starring Kiyoshi Atsumi) who often goes on trips and suddenly pops over to his home in downtown Tokyo.

The life and sentiment of characters depicted in the film made it a long running hit since its first screening in 1969, spanning 48 episodes till 1995 and 1 special episode in 1997.

NTV in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation will air three selected films of “Tora-san” dubbed in Bengali language in February, March and April to introduce various aspects of Japan as well as familiarise Bangladeshi viewers with the Japanese culture and life. 

The story of the movie is that, Tora-san meets a grubby old man at a downtown bar in Ueno. He mistakes the old fellow for a tramp and, feeling sorry for him, invites the old man back to the family home.

The family is surprised to learn that the “old tramp” is in fact the famous artist, Seikan Ikenouchi (Jukichi Uno) who in the manner of all true Japanese art luminaries, goes a the single name, Seikan. In gratitude for the Tora-san family’s hospitality, Seikan presents them with a piece of artwork he created especially for them. This picture turns out to be worth a small fortune and when Tora-san asks for more artwork, in order to solve a number of his regular problems, a heated argument ensues.

As always, this exchange drives Tora-san from the family home and sets him on the road, this time to Tatsuno City in Hyogo Prefecture, where he coincidentally reunites with Seikan at an inn.

In honour of the famous artist, the city prepares a feast complete with geisha and Tora-san thoroughly enjoys the festivities.

Along the way he becomes good friends with one of the geisha, Botan (Kiwako Taichi). Botan reveals she is having problems with one of her customers, Kito (Asao Sano) who borrowed 2 million yen from her and was last seen heading for Tokyo.

Eventually Botan comes to Tokyo tracking the man who stole her money. Tora-san is very angry at this betrayal and he vows to help her.

The friendship between Tora-san and the Living National Treasure Seikan, is an enjoyable contrast, proving that aligning Tora-san and intellectuals is always brilliant comedy.

The beautiful Kiwako Taichi is superb in her role as a vulnerable geisha and her appearance help make this 17th film in the series one of the most memorable of all the Tora-san films. On a side note, legendary performer Yoshiko Okada made her comeback to the world of Japanese film in the supporting role of Shino, Seikan’s ex-lover.