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Fashion Through The Lenses

Specs are so much more than just windows to the world. Obviously for many people spectacles are a part and parcel of their everyday lives either because of myopia (short sightedness) or hyperopia (long sightedness). However, many women who have no eye problems at all simply adore the look and love to bring variation in their fashion by wearing a pair of spectacles. Optic shops have also brought up changeable frames so that you can suit your style according to the occasion.

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     19 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Fashion Through 
The Lenses

While big, circular spectacles were once considered too geeky to be trendy, they have recently infiltrated the fashion scene. Nobody would accuse you of looking like a septuagenarian as long as you can carry it in style! Something that has been going on and off from trends is frameless spectacles. While this trend hasn’t really become obsolete but it’s uncommon to find a fashionista sporting frameless specs nowadays. Half frames are relatively more popular (for justified reasons). They are chic, durable and suit both corporate and casual environments. Colour pop ups and contrasts are quite visible with half of the frame being one colour and the other half being a different colour. Plain black frame having bright polka dots and other burst of colours are as much conspicuous.

While narrow rectangular frames had once fared well, it is less visible nowadays with contemporary style being defined in frames. Cat’s eye frames are popular. They are round, adorable and shaped perfectly and can adapt to any environment. Another plus point of these frames is that they are appropriate for different face shapes. So it doesn’t matter if you have a round face or a long one, a square shaped one or a diamond shaped one, cat’s eye frames are sure to suit you too.


The make-up you put on with your spectacles can also sometimes change the entire game. If you are looking for something casual and sweet, natural makeup will be a better approach. You can put on double coating mascara, perhaps some light blush and a peach lipstick. If you think smokey eyes with glitter lipstick will be too bold with spectacles, don’t be shy. Smokey eyes with the right frames look charismatic. Put on a dark shade such as brown or maroon with this.

The timeless look of red lipstick, perfectly contoured eyeliner and spectacles can never get old (sometimes referred to as the hot librarian style). Along with a white shirt (prettily laced up), black jeans and red stiletto heels, you are ready to rock any event.


When it comes to hairstyles, spectacles shouldn’t offer much confusion. That’s because round and square shaped spectacles look great with them all. Square shaped specs with bangs look stylish while curly hair and broad framed spectacles look gorgeous too. However, if you are opting for oval ones, it is better to avoid bangs. You can opt for side fringes in that case.