In Solidarity With The Language Movement Martyrs | 2018-02-19 |


In Solidarity With The Language Movement Martyrs

‘International Mother Language Day’ is a day of utmost importance for Bengali speaking people all over the world. While there is a feeling of celebration prevalent on this day, the day also has a shadow of mourning for the language martyrs. Thus the colours black and white express eloquently the emotions of this day. Just like every year, people in Bangladesh will be clad in black and white attires all day long on this day. Most women opt for black or white sari while men find monochromatic punjabis appropriate on this day.

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In Solidarity With The Language Movement Martyrs

Tribute To The Heroes : Ekushey February will be celebrated on Wednesday. After a whole year, this day has returned amidst us once again. Let’s pay tribute in black and white for the heroes of ‘Bangla’ who has made it possible for us to express ourselves in our dear mother language.

Beauty Of Black And White

No other color conveys as many contradictions as the color black, and that's probably why it's arguably the most loved color in fashion. Then again, black is unanimously agreed in most cultures to be the most appropriate choice for occasions that contain sorrow or mourning. White, on the other hand, is a chromatic colour - a colour without hue. It is one of the most common colours in nature. It is the colour of sunlight, snow, milk, chalk, limestone and other common minerals. White represents or signifies purity, innocence and light. Together, they pair into a charming paradox that perfectly resonates with the glory of this day.



Language Of Our Hearts

Bangla is not just a language, it is a bond. It is almost a spiritual connection. From the time we are born, the very first word we hear is “Ma” (meaning mother). As we grow older, we form such a special connection with this language. We express love, pain and joy in Bangla. It is a language that circles our entire life. The Bangla words in black punjabi paired with white payjama talk of the deep love we have with our mother language.


Monochrome Musings

Sari is something you can never go wrong with. The black sari with simple white motifs combines elegance and perfection. Make-up with this attire should be kept light and natural. A beautiful black teep signifies the zeal of this timeless look. Punjabis in primary black with a dash of white patterns not only reflects the mood of the day but also compliments the color of the season. After all, there can be no better choice for men other than traditional punjabis.



Adored Alphabets

We speak in Bangla with pride and joy. On 21 February, you can include words or letters of Bangla to showcase your love towards it. In black background with minimal white designs, the words or letters stand out creating an impression of reverence. Nothing else can be a better fashion for Ekushey February than this.



Model: Shakil & Mim
Styling: Syed Ruma
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Wardrobe:  Sadakalo
Make-up: Zaara’s  Beauty  Lounge
Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom