Fix city roads now | 2018-02-14 |

Fix city roads now

    14 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

A road digging spree is going on across Dhaka city in a haphazard manner, causing serious disturbance to the city dwellers. Although road digging is seemingly a never ending affair in Dhaka, in recent times the city roads have turned from bad to worse because some of the busiest thoroughfares are being dug up for some big projects such as metro rail, flyover and U-loop construction. Apart from big roads, small allays have also been dug up, ostensibly to lay down water pipelines, sewer lines and electricity or optic fibre cables.

A number of agencies including Wasa, Desa, Titas Gas, city corporations and development project implementation companies are digging up the city roads. There seems to be no coordination and no rule is being followed regarding the manner in which roads can be dug up.

These agencies are also ignoring the specified date of completion. For instance, our report informs, Wasa started digging a road in Bepari lane at Bara Moghbazar about three weeks ago. The work was supposed to complete within two weeks, but only 50 per cent work has been done so far.

The open pits and debris strewn on the roadside is not only causing trouble for commuters but also polluting the air and intensifying traffic congestion. Some of the dug up roads have now become a death trap due to lack of timely repair and maintenance.

In absence of any central coordinating agency of road digging in Dhaka, different utility service providing agencies are digging up the same the road one after another. Take for example, the road from Badda link road to Norda-Baridhara was dug and repaired only a month ago. As soon as the road was repaired, another agency started cutting the road again! It is simply outrageous.

Dishonest contractors and engineers of relevant government agencies are the beneficiaries of this endless road digging. The more they dig, the more they earn. The government must streamline the system by setting up a coordination body which will be responsible for coordinating among various agencies when it comes to road digging. Only a proper coordination may help ease public suffering by avoiding repetition of digging.