Think Before You Say “I Love You” | 2018-02-14 |

Think Before You Say “I Love You”

Sumaya Binte Azad

    14 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Think Before You Say “I Love You”

“Earth is the right place for love” refers to a famous poem “Birches” written by Robert Frost. In this poem, the poet expresses his desire to come back on earth time and again just because he gets the flavour of love only on earth. Actually, love is the sweetest thing in life which has a magical power to sweeten every moment of your life. “I love you”, “My life is nothing but a big zero without you”, “You occupy an important place in my life” “You are my sky, you are my moon” – these sweet dialogues sound very nice but these sweet words turn sour when the person whom you love does not stand by you when you are in need of support in life. This is the bitter truth of life. So, love is not chanting “I love you” rather it is a mutual commitment of caring for each other throughout the whole life.

Sumon, a very devoted lover, has left no stone unturned to win the heart of his beloved. He has sacrificed his student life just to prove himself a very selfless lover who can leave everything just to have his beloved in his life. However, their relationship of four years has come to an end in the twinkle of an eye when his beloved found a perfect match selected by her father. Now Tina has started behaving like a good daughter who never says “no” to their parents. Sumon, who did not get time to focus on study or career, for his affair, has lost interest to live on this earth because life has now become an unsolved puzzle for him. His one and only beloved has left him just because she has got a superman in her life who can ensure her a wealthy life. Who will fill in the gaps in Sumon’s life? Who are at fault? Sumon or Tina? Getting hurry in falling in love with someone has put them in this situation.  Life is not computer that you will click restore option and everything will go back to the normal situation. This is the most common story of digital era where everything- falling in love (getting attracted by profile picture), expressing love through emojis, break up through blocking goes on virtually.

Sumi, a very talented student, suddenly starts feeling that she is alone whereas all of her friends have boyfriends. She also gets upset feeling that her relationship status is still single in spite of having enough qualities of defining her as a beautiful girl. To spice up her tasteless life, she befriended a stranger, shared her personal pictures and all her secrets with that guy. She loved that guy unconditionally. Now her lover is asking her to have physical relationship with him and started blackmailing her saying if she does not agree, her edited picture will be forwarded to her relatives. Sumi started hating herself feeling that how could she love a double-faced person like him who is torturing her in this way. At last she committed suicide having no option left to live in this world.

Actually, being single is better than having unhealthy relationship just to change one’s relationship status. Nowadays the young generation easily falls in love without considering the aftereffect of that relationship. They feel at a tender age single life is curse and in order to turn this curse into blessing, they hanker after such kind of relationship which results in unlimited harassments. Falling in love with someone is the most cherishing moment of everyone’s life but that does not mean that we have to be desperate to make that moment happen in life. 14th February, Valentine’s Day, is the most desirable day for those who are in a relationship. Most of the people who are not in relationship feel upset because they consider this day meaningless for them as if being single is missing something precious in life. In spite of having friends and family members who always want us to spend some moments with them, we should not feel that we cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day without someone special. We should take this time of singleness as the best opportunity to spend time with our family and friends. We all need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves because being single is not as negative as the world makes it seem. Everyone craves love and intimacy in his life but he should not be in a hurry to fulfill this craving. Romantic relationship is not the main course of life rather it is just like the icing on the cake which gives bonus addition to provide sweetness and pleasure in life. Missing this pleasure does not mean that you will feel incomplete and lose your loving moments in your life. Let’s embrace single life. Let’s be happy about singlehood. Let’s stop thinking that you are going to be single forever. Let’s think before saying “I love you”. Wait for the perfect time when you will be blessed with a sweet relationship perfect for you. Enjoy every moment of this waiting time.


The writer is a Lecturer in English, Bangladesh Institute of Business and Technology (BIBT)