Public sufferings mount | 2018-02-13 |

City Road Digging Continues

Public sufferings mount

Md Esaraf Hossain     13 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Public sufferings mount

Two schoolchildren walk cautiously beside a hole dug by Dhaka WASA on a road in the name of installing new pipelines for supplying water to locals. The picture was taken in the city’s Moghbazar area on Monday. – sun photo

Public sufferings have multiplied as utility service providers are digging up many roads, lanes and by-lanes in different parts of the capital to install their connections.

Locals said indiscriminate road digging is going on in Bara Moghbazar, Malibagh Baganbari and elsewhere just before rainy season in the name of developing utility services.

The frequent road digging has intensified traffic jams in the areas, causing immense sufferings for commuters and pedestrians.

Commuters and pedestrians have been facing major inconvenience for many days due to road digging, they said.

Passengers, especially schoolchildren and office-goers, are facing hassles while going to and returning from their destinations, they added.

Many passengers get down in halfway from the slow-moving vehicles. Many rickshaws carrying passengers often fall aside due to road digging.

Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authorities (Wasa) started digging a road in Bepari lane at Bara Moghbazar about three weeks ago.

The work was supposed to complete within two weeks, but only 50 percent work has been done so far.

Dhaka Electricity Supply Authority (Desa) and Titas Gas are also digging roads for their development work.

“Big ditches have been dug on many roads, which are multiplying sufferings of commuters,” said Devashis, a resident of Moghbazar area.

Commuters are immensely facing miseries while travelling through the roads connecting Rampura, Badda, Norda, Moghbazar, Mouchak, Malibagh, Shantinagar Eskaton, Dilu Road, Siddeshwari, Saatrasta, Nabisco, Jatrabari and Hazaribagh.      

The roads that developed deep potholes due to the development work turn muddy during the rainy season, putting commuters at fatal accident risks.

The ongoing digging of roadsides from Malibagh level-crossing to Kuril Biswa road, and the construction work on the flyover and metro rail from Agargaon to Mirpur have also intensified sufferings of city-dwellers, said Arafat Hossain, a bank official.

Dhaka Wasa is implementing nearly 80 percent of the schemes, but in most cases it has failed to complete work in time.

Most of the roads are not repaired after the work is completed and the dug-up roads remain in a ramshackle condition for months.

Besides, Wasa and Titas Gas have dug up the road from Rampura to Kuril recently which is still not repaired.

Due to the fresh road digging, movement of vehicles is seriously being disrupted on this busy road.

Many said dust from the road cutting is polluting environment in capital.

However, city corporations and other utility service providers are blaming each other for public sufferings due to road digging all the year round.

Digging and re-digging of many city roads, including Badda-Norda road, have now been severe inconvenience for commuters, said Ataur Rahman, a resident of Narda area.  

About one month ago, the repairing work of this road stretching from Badda link road to Norda-Baridhara was done through digging a part of the main road.

As soon as this road was repaired, road developers started cutting the road again, many pointed out.

The dilapidated roads, drainages, sewerage lines and manholes in these areas have not yet been repaired or reconstructed.

Wasa Engineer Asadul said that Wasa has completed work. Most of the ditches caused by the project work have been filled up.

But other utility service providers, including Totas Gas, are working in these areas, he added.