Question leak threatens nation’s future | 2018-02-13 |

Question leak threatens nation’s future

    13 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The whole nation is perturbed by the shameful acts of a vested interest group who are unscrupulously engaged in the heinous crime of leaking SSC exam question papers only to line their pockets. The Education Minister had speculated that some teachers are taking photos of the question papers and leaking them. But this accusation was proven unjust as the mathematics question paper leaked on the 10th before even reaching the exam centres.

We are relieved that BTRC reversed its previous decision to suspend internet service for designated hours on exam days till the 24th on request of the Ministry of Education. A huge proportion of national economic activity is carried out online, so not having internet service even for a short duration will hamper it to a large extent. The suspension of internet service apparently proved futile as the culprits continued their despicable schemes using other means, while it only created difficulty for the public in general.

We highly commend the ingenious move by some guardians of SSC examinees in Rajshahi in handing over to police a female with a leaked mathematics question paper in her mobile phone. Such vigilance on the part of all – students, teachers, guardians and general public, will intimidate the wrongdoers and eventually succeed in deterring this menace. Also the recent arrest of some culprits related to question paper leak is positive for the country. Such strong moves by the police and public need to be continued till this nuisance stops for good.

We are disappointed at the failure of the authorities so far to stop this menace looming over the future of our nation and hope that they will employ all out efforts in effectively ending the national disaster of question paper leak permanently.

Education is the key to a nation’s future. Leaking of question papers is harming our gen-next who will be at the helm of our country in the future. To save our nation’s future and the fate of our education system from total collapse, the main perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice and given exemplary punishment, whosoever they may be.