Humayun Faridi’s 6th death anniversary today | 2018-02-13 |

Humayun Faridi’s 6th death anniversary today

Culture Desk     13 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Humayun Faridi’s 6th death anniversary today

Today is the 6th death anniversary of legendary actor and drama organizer Humayun Faridi. His fans and cultural arena of the country will held elaborate programmes to pay tribute to the late actor on the occasion.

Marking the day in a befitting manner, socio-cultural organisations will held elaborate programmes across the country.

Besides, satellite TV channels and radio stations will aired an array of quality programmes paying tributes to the late actor.

Faridi’s films, dramas and theatrical plays were broadcast on the channels to recall him on the day.

Humayun was born in Dhaka on May 29, 1952. He passed the SSC exam from Islamia Government High School in 1968 and HSC from Chandpur Government College in 1970. In the same year, he entered the University of Dhaka in Organic Chemistry.

However, due to the country’s liberation war on 1971 study became impossible. Later on, he admitted into the Jahangirnagar University in Economics.

Faridi was one of the principal organisers of 1976 Drama Festival of Jahangirnagar University. Mainly from this moment, he started to be famous. He became a member of Dhaka Theatre during his student life in the university.

Humayun later acted on numerous dramas on the country's television. One character 'Kan Kata Ramjan' from the novel Shongshoptok earned Faridi extreme popularity in the country.

Faridi started acting in Film where he also earned extreme popularity by bringing new concept in the acting During 1990s.

The popular serials of the legendary actor are Nil Nakshar Shandhany, Durbin Die Dekhun, Bhangoner Shabdha Suni, Bakulpur Koto Dur, Dubhuboner Dui Bashinda, Ekti Laal Shari, Mohuar Mon, Shiter Pakhi, Kothao Keu Nei and Prioy Jon Nibash.

The Montasir Fantasy, Kirtonkhola and Keramot Mongol are actor’s popular theatrical plays.

Popular films like Hulia, Dohon, Shontrash, Bachelor, JoyJatra, Shamolchaya, Ekattorer Jishu, Vondo, Mayer Odhikar and Bishaw Premik will keep him alive in the hearts of art-loving people of the country.

He went on to act in Bhangorer Shobdo Shuni, Songsaptak (1987-88), Pathar Shomoy (1989), Dui bhai (1990), Shiter Pakhi (1991), Kothao Keu Nei (1992-93), Shomudre Gangchil (1993), Kachher Manush, and Doll’s House (2007-08).

He was one of the principal organizers of the 1976 Drama Festival of Jahangirnagar University. He joined as a member of the Dhaka Theatre.  His first theater production that he acted in for the troupe was the Shakuntala rendition by Selim Al-Deen, playing the character, Tokkhok. He debuted in the television dramas through his performance in Nil Nakshar Shandaney in 1982.

Faridi started acting for big screen in 1990s and earned popularity for bringing new concept in film acting. He was awarded National Film Award in 2004 for his acting in ‘Matritta’. The legendary actor died in Dhaka on February 13 in 2012.