For A Virtual Shopping Experience | 2018-01-15 |


For A Virtual Shopping Experience

Tasmima Sabatina     15 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

For A Virtual Shopping Experience

Not all journey ends to a destination. Individuals or organizations that are driven by an insatiable urge to creating something new are always on a quest that has no limit. This is exactly what happened to country's top-notch furniture brand HATIL. Since their inception, they were never afraid of toying with product designs, product showcasing, marketing and everything in between. As a part of that initiative this time HATIL has ventured into something that is going to be a landmark addition to our retail business dynamics. Just think - furniture is being sold from a showroom which actually has no furniture in it at all! Yes, we are talking about country’s first-ever, full-fledged virtual furniture showroom ‘HATIL V’! And the best thing is that this showroom has already made its public appearance in this year’s Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF).

Every day people are pouring in to experience something special in that showroom. Upon getting there, you will be taken into a specially designed, theater-like chamber. The giant screen there will create a feeling as if you were touring inside a never-ending showroom, where furniture products are placed in simulated room environments. And the feeling is something more than real!



But that doesn’t end there. In this virtual journey, customers can also change the wood and fabric color of the furniture as per their choice and compare them side by side. HATIL has given the visitors freedom in the true sense as they have a huge collection, from where customers can easily get their desired item. There is also arrangement for VR Gear and Augmented Reality to let you check every detail of your chosen furniture.



As technology has taken over our daily life, so HATIL has taken this fascinating step to make it more convenient for the people to buy products. With that view in mind, HATIL has been working on it to make the invention more popular and widespread. They are also planning to set up new showrooms even outside Dhaka and have planned to launch an app so that people can buy things online through the virtual effect experience. HATIL will open more virtual showrooms across the country gradually. To do it more effectively, HATIL is collecting and taking the compliments and feedbacks of the audience regarding the show and compiling all of their ideas and opinions so that they can upgrade the virtual showroom.