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Bling It On

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     15 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Bling It On

Winter may not be the perfect season for an ostentatious display. It’s just not cozy enough to put on chunky golden necklaces and other such cumbersome embellishments during this time of the year. Our scintillating chandelier earrings (jhumkas) hide behind shawls and turtle neck sweaters while our elegant anklets get buried inside socks, leggings or boots if worn at all. This doesn’t mean ladies need to forget all about their lustrous adornments for these few months.

Every season has its beauty and your style should transcend beyond uniform ideas. There should be ample space given to creativity, vivacity and simplicity regardless of whichever season it is. Plain ideas can become artistic when assembled correctly. Lines and patterns can become rhythmic and echo panache. The entire concept of fashion is just so infinite and has so many possibilities that it becomes an endless hunt of exotic ideas and exquisite trends. Experiment a little and enjoy the various details in this chic adventure.


Black and Silver- The Perfect Pair

Getting to know which jewelry complement which colours will surely get you ahead of the game. Black and silver could be related, even cousins! Their partnership has been witnessed again and again from the 80’s to this day. Think about the fashionable ladies of past times who loved to wear black sari and silver statement pieces with hair swept neatly and kajol in their eyes. This is an all time classic example which you can replicate in winter. Whether you are wearing kurti, kameez or sari, a black sweater or shawl or any other winter wear along with silver necklace can indeed look aesthetic. Multiply the embellishment to amplify the effect. If you are going to a party, this look along with red flowers decorating the hair would look gorgeous.


Metal, Wood And Other Earth Elements

Winter could be the perfect time to reintroduce yourself to jewelry from earth elements. This means metal, beads, wooden or even clay! Porcelain necklaces would look bohemian but this look can be leveled down in winter. Unlike spring where you are expected to wear rainbow colour beaded necklace, winter has more of a darker appeal. Explore colours or themes that are dark where some bright colours could be visible in the form of contrast.


Pretty And Petite

Sometimes, less is more. Wearing small, distinctive, minimal jewelry can be a great approach in enhancing your beauty in winter. Consider a beautiful pendant holding a ruby or diamond, pretty silver rings or scintillating lightweight earrings.


Vintage Inspired Jewelry

While summer and spring seasons are brighter times, dark vintage jewelry goes more with winter. Whether you are going to your best friend’s wedding or any other party, vintage jewelry can bring a radical change in your style and make you look unique.