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Look Cool At The Gym

Rajib Kanti Roy     15 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Cool At
The Gym

Just because you are wearing clothes to absorb sweat doesn’t mean you are off the hook in the style stakes. In the gym, the emphasis may be on getting your body in tip-top condition but you should still try to look good. After all, you never know who you might meet. The good thing is that it is not hard or expensive to dress well for the gym. Comfort and breathability should be your mantra, but you need to get the colours and styles right too. Follow these tips on what to wear and avoid in the gym so that you can at least get off on the right foot.



Plain and comfortable cotton T-shirts are fine but avoid colours that show up sweat patches, such as light grey. Be wary of white tees too. Yellow underarm stains will form, quite naturally, over time. If you do have yellow stains, it’s time to buy some bleach or some new kit.



Discreet logos are best, and never wear the gym’s own branded kit. Buy five different tops from the same brand in a similar style – that way they become interchangeable and make your job much easier. You may even pick up a bargain or two in the sales.



If you are running, doing cardio or working out your legs, then opt for shorts – but not too baggy and never below the knee. Don’t show off too much thigh either: while women can get away with tight shorts, our only excuse is a long bike ride. Ideally, shorts will end just above the knee. Opt for neutral colours that will go with whichever top you have chosen.


Trackie Bums

Stylish and comfortable tracksuit bottoms are ideal if you are only working your upper body. All good sports brands will have a range that doesn’t make you look like you are merely loafing on the sofa.



Just like in the non-gym world, your shoes make sure your trainers weren’t last seen in public. The general rule of thumb is that regular gym-goers should change their trainers in every six months, although a year is more reasonable provided you are not supplementing your workout with a spot of marathon training.


The Extra Mile

Step things up by treating yourself to a new hoody so that you can look your best in the gym foyer or when you grab a post-workout smoothie with the scores of ladies you'll be impressing with those bench presses.


Bag It Up

Being spotted walking from the gym clutching a dripping orange plastic bag from the supermarket is a cardinal sin. Get yourself a trendy gym bag and you’ll be more man-on-a-mission and less wayward-gym-grocer.


General Points

Just because you are getting sweaty doesn’t mean you can’t put efforts. Avoid makeshift ensembles of bright colours that don't match and make sure your kit always looks clean, simple and new. Remove any jewelry and go easy on the gadgetry.

As this is winter, it is the perfect time to get prepared for gym. Some gym goers think that attires are not that much important for gym session. But they are totally wrong. Easy and good-looking attire will surely motivate you to work out. While choosing gym attire, remember that comfort comes first. Feel relaxed and you’ll be more prepared to return for more.