Continue vigilance against militancy | 2018-01-14 |

Continue vigilance against militancy

    14 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

In the first anti-militancy operation of the year, RAB killed three militants in retaliation for their attack and recovered arms and ammunition from their hideout located just about 200 yards away from the Prime Minister’s Office in the city yesterday. It is one of the successful pre-emptive raids to foil the plot to kill innocents. However, though the ongoing drives of crime-busting agencies against militants eliminated many of their dens across the country, they seem to be still capable of carrying out attacks to implement their sinister designs.

According to media reports, law enforcing agencies earlier foiled plans to carry out vehicle-ramming attacks on people and even an attack with an aeroplane, to kill high officials of the state. Law enforcers killed about 80 hardened militants in more than 30 pre-emptive raids across the country. But, still, we are not sure that the fanatic lunatics are not getting prepared to carry out violent attacks on key administrative figures of the country next morning.

We cannot rule out the possibility of sabotage by militants to disrupt the peaceful handover of power and thereby the continuation of the democratic process through the crucial elections this year. The country's journey towards achieving a middle income and a developed country statuses might have made the anti-liberation forces and the forces against the development of the country resentful. And the rowdy elements may take the country in a great political chaos by carrying out full-scale terrorist attacks to thwart the journey.

Militants are a continuous threat to social peace and tranquillity and the fight against terrorism is synonymous with the fight against unknown assailants where the battlefield is spread all-over the country. As a result, there is no alternative to remaining alert and aggressive against the enemies on all fronts. Law enforcing agencies remain active and alert to prevent terrorism but, frustratingly, terrorists still continue recruiting their accomplices.

This means ideologically and morally we are lagging behind in tackling the terrorist threat. The success of the law enforcing agencies must be backed by moral and ideological success in preventing the spread of the obnoxious theory of hatred and killing.