Bread Vs Roti: Which yields better results for weight loss? | 2018-01-13 |


Bread Vs Roti: Which yields better results for weight loss?

    13 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Bread Vs Roti: Which yields better results for weight loss?

When it comes to the comparison between rotiand bread, we are often told that roti is always a healthier option. Indeed, when roti is compared with white bread, it has more nutritional value. But with its other options available such as multigrain bread,brown bread and whole wheat bread, consumingbread is now recommended by many nutritionists. So, is it true that bread and roti are comparable? When it comes to weight loss, which one is better? We weigh both the sides.

Difference between roti and bread

Bread is prepared by cooking flour dough and water. Depending on what type of bread is being prepared, additional ingredients are also added. Usually, bread doughs are baked. But when it comes to the cuisine breads, they are steamed, sometimes fried or baked on an unoiled skillet.

The modern practice of bread-making involves removal of roughage from the flour. As this roughage aids digestion and smooth bowel movement, it is an essential component for a healthy diet.

Considered as the staple food in the South Asian Sub-continent, here roti is always preferred over any type of bread. The reason it is believed to be a healthy option is that roti is better for digestion and bowel movement.

Another reason roti is believed to be healthy is that there is no yeast added while preparing its dough. But when it comes to preparation of bread dough, yeast is added before baking. And there are many who are allergic to yeast.

Bread vs Roti for weight loss

As bread is comparatively unhealthy when it is obtained commercially, it is a given that it will not be good for weight loss when compared with roti. The difference between the two aggravates even more when the bread is white (made of refined flour) and roti is made with multiple grains and is fiber-rich. However, if you have to choose bread over roti for some reason, go for the ones which are whole grain and are not colored.

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