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Ways To Get Rid Of Ugly Dryness

Magazine Desk     8 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Ways To Get Rid Of Ugly Dryness

Most people feel a stretch in their skin with the changing weather. What is more surprising is that many don't even bother to think about it until the damage of dehydrated skin has started to show in the form of itchy, scaly and parched skin! As the clichéd phrase goes, prevention is better than cure. Treat skin and body like a garden. Nurture and nourish it everyday! Here is a brief guide on what you need to get rid of unwanted dry skin in this season.


Proper Nutrition

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is nutrition.  Increase your dairy and add foods like cheese, butter, fresh fruit yogurts, milk, paneer, etc. Add dry fruit to your daily diet. Make a dry fruit mix and keep it in a jar for the week. An ideal daily intake is 10-11 almonds, 2 figs and 5 walnuts. With winter comes a wonderful variety of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables in Bangladesh. Pick up everything green such as spinach, broccoli, beans, peas, fenugreek, celery, etc.

Exercise Regularly

Brisk 15 minute walk, aerobics, jogging, yoga, pilates - do any of these to increase blood circulation and metabolism. Exercising helps to get the glow back on your cheeks. Exercising outdoors is even better and has its own benefits of fresh air being pumped into your pores!

Body Massages For A Nourished Skin

There is nothing quite as hydrating in winters than a good body massage. Not only does this increase and improve blood circulation, it hydrates, softens, tones, tightens, reduces dryness and above all nourishes and moisturizes the skin impeccably!

Drink Enough Water

Last, but not the least, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Many of us do not feel thirsty and therefore have a tendency to avoid water but water is your skin's ambrosia and should be drunk in a disciplined way.

Avoid Artificial Heating

It is wiser to avoid excessive artificial heating, and very hot water showers. Just wrap yourself up in layers to keep warm and cozy. Excessive hot water while bathing also dries out the skin.

Use Soap Bar

Well, if you want to avoid dryness of your skin during winter, it is important to use soap bar regularly while taking bath. Choose something from a good brand so that you do not face any side effects.

Keep in mind that internal hydrating and nourishing is as important as external care. Let your winter skin look vibrant and revitalized.