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Cape Campaigner

    8 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Cape Campaigner

Winter’s Hottest Trends : v Express your creativity this winter with stylish winter capes, cloak coats and blanket ponchos. Indulge in the hottest trends during the coolest season of the year.

Sweaters, shawls, knit wears, trench coats, jumbo parkas and jackets - are all great considering the fact that they have sustained the fashion scene for as long as we can remember. However, it is time to think beyond all these in 2018. The same thing worn again and again can be very prosaic and outré - no matter how fashionable they may have been at a certain time. A brand new year deserves a brand new start and for starters, you could try the newest and chicest style in town. They are none other than winter capes. Call it blanket poncho, enclosed shawl or woolen capes, the gist is the same. An ethereal, classy and comfortable wrap styled with contemporary tunes keeping the modern fashion of 2018 in mind- this just can’t get any better!  There can possibly be nothing more fashionable than winter capes and here’s why.


Unlike casual winter layering that tends to be cumbersome winter capes allow us to experiment with various styles preserving our inner charismatic persona. There is so much room for art and fashion unlike winter clothes which mostly blacks it all out. Capes don’t require heavy duty uniform protocol that winter season is so reputed for. There is no worry of shawl falling against the tide of chilly wintry wind and there is no worry of excessive ensembles. With sweaters and shawls, it is easy to get caught in a style rut but with capes you can do so much more. They are elegant, feminine, aesthetic and extremely comfortable. If these reasons are not good enough for you, then consider the fact that the biggest proponents of winter cape style are the most serious fashion connoisseurs.


She Got The Look

A structured cape with furry collars, furry sleeves and even furrier hemlines speaks of class and comfort effortlessly. Paired with skinny black jeans or leggings and tinted shades, this style has a rock star appeal that makes it surreptitiously irresistible. By the way, this surely is the perfect outfit to flaunt your gorgeous curls, so go easy on your hair accessories on this day!



Rainbow In The Dark

There are no dull days in the diaries of every fashionable lady. Her outfit, lifestyle and personality are always bright. It is only justifiable that she turns even brighter during the cold and cruel winter days. With winter capes, you can do this in full swing. This gorgeous, colourful winter cape is the perfect example. Why pick one colour when you can wear them all in style this winter?


Mono Magic

Let’s put back the ‘art’ in ‘smart.’ Monochromatic fashion is simply gorgeous. But you do not need a black and white suit to pull it off. The formal white shirt and black jeans can look rather mundane at times. With a bigger canvas, such as a scintillating cape, you can unleash the artist inside you. With matching accessories and a deep red smile, take sophistication to the ultimate level.


Perennial Perfection 

Prints, especially feline prints, have always been such a close companion of fashionable women. While zigzag black and white zebra prints speak harmony, sassy leopard prints look much hotter. If you are confused about what to wear to a hang out, try this chic style to look the trendiest of them all!

Model: Zitu Afreen
Styling: Syed Ruma
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Make-up: RED Beauty Studio & Salon
Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom