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Diplomatic feat around Rohingya issue

    1 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The Rohingya issue has been placed on the list of major global issues of the concluded year. And it is a challenging job for Bangladesh, a country burdened with an overwhelmingly high population and many other socio-economic difficulties, to deal with the huge number of Rohingyas in the country. The country responded immediately with bold steps by accepting the influx of Rohingyas in one front and initiating effective diplomatic effort in the other.

 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina instructed all to extend humanitarian assistance by visiting camps within three weeks after the start of the latest influx of Rohingyas. This echoed the call for help worldwide for the distressed humanity. Almost all influential leaders of the world acknowledged the greatness of Bangladesh for accepting the distressed Rohingyas and this has put them in action for extending diplomatic and other supports for the country. 

However, the formal diplomatic effort was initiated by the Premier through an epic five-point proposal in her speech at the UN 72nd General Assembly in the third week of September. The theme of the proposal has been considered very useful which provided global leaders with vital points for working out a formula for sending Rohingyas back to their homeland in a sustainable manner.

Also, her valiant steps in tackling the crisis have earned the recognition of many influential leaders around the globe. And she is branded as the new star of the east, the mother of humanity and ambassador of peace and, more importantly, her effective diplomatic initiatives have brought the leaders together many of whom immediately responded with relief assistance and engaged themselves in diplomatic initiatives. These exerted considerable pressure on the oppressive Myanmar government.

Moreover, the government hosted a significant number of delegations from across the world as part of the ongoing hectic diplomatic endeavour which has finally compelled Myanmar to strike a deal with Bangladesh for repatriation of Rohingyas. As per the deal, the two countries will start the repatriation process by January 23. This is surely a unique example of successful diplomacy of the government that is hopefully going to help solve the Rohingya problem.