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Trendy Sleeves For Sophistication

Magazine Desk     20 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Sleeves For Sophistication

Let’s face it. Bangladeshi women love to customize their clothes! This is so evident during festivals like Eid when no matter how many shopping malls we roam around in, how many designer lawns we acquire into our possession, yet we still need to have that one dress crafted from scratch by the tailors using our imagination. With so much personal satisfaction attached to it, it is more than a dress. It is an asset! Most women love to tailor dresses not just during festivals but all the year around. A style hack can be diversifying your sleeves. Changing sleeve patterns can make your dress look more attractive. They will even look smarter than the many expensive dresses you buy from boutiques! Here are some ideas:


Puffed Sleeves

Puffed up sleeves are short and gathered in a way to make them look like puffs. They go well with traditional saris, short dresses, shirts, and flowing tops. Avoid them if you are not confident about your arms. It suits best with traditional attires, short tops, tunics, and shirts.


Kimono Sleeves


For those who rather want to hide their arms, kimono sleeves are best. Kimono sleeves are inspired by the Japanese Kimono traditional attire, which looks very similar to your bathrobes. They are wide, long, and loose. This style of sleeves is catching up and is an attractive choice for both western and deshi attires.


Butterfly Sleeves

They are a combination of cap sleeves and puffed sleeves. They are just small extensions to your shoulder and delicately sit on the garment. Unlike the puffed sleeves, they do not taper. Butterfly sleeves are perfect for deep neck tops or dresses. A sari with butterfly sleeves also serves well.


Off Shoulder Sleeves


Off shoulder sleeves are not alien to us and have been in vogue for a while now. They are open, bare, and start a little below the shoulder bone. They come in all lengths and sizes; it’s a personal choice. Blouses, one-piece dresses, tops, maxi dresses, etc work best with this.



Angel Sleeves


Imagine the wings of a fairy and how they would look if attached to a dress? Yes, that’s how they look, and that’s the inspiration for this sleeve type too. Many people experiment with traditional dresses such as kurti, kameez or anarkali with angel sleeves. Attires with high necks, both traditional and Western, would look great.


Cuff Sleeves


Cuff sleeved kurtis are so stylish and dramatic. Cuff sleeves, rolled-up sleeves or shirt style – whatever you call it, are sleeves that come with buttons and an inbuilt fold. What started as a rolled up style for shirts became a big deal and took over the clothing industry.


Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves come in all lengths, and flare exactly like your bell-bottom pants. They are straight and tapered till the end of the sleeve, and then billow out. A gorgeous top with laces and bell sleeves would look glamorous. Sari with bell sleeves looks fashionable too.


Cape Sleeves

Cape sleeves are an overlay and usually a sheer extension to the bodice of your dress. They look like an extension to your sleeves. Some of them are inbuilt while some of them are an attachment.


Open Sleeves

Many modern blouses, crop tops, etc have these. Open sleeves or cold shoulders have caught up like wildfire over the last few seasons. People who are not comfortable wearing sleeveless dresses can try this sleeve pattern since it is not completely open, yet stylish.


Slit Sleeves

Slit sleeves are usually long or are 3/4th of the length of the arms. They come with a slit in the front, more like open sleeves, and cuff down at the end of the sleeve. This is a style that goes with almost any kind of outfit.


Batwing Sleeves

Have you ever seen a bat and its wings? Yes, this style is a replica of bat wings. The sleeves are loose and come with a deeper armhole. They can sometimes be open like that of a kaftan style to look like an extension of the inseam. Either way, this style is fun and adds to the aesthetics of the outfit.

The next time you go shopping, it is good to be prepared and maybe impress some of your friends too with these sleeve ideas. Have fun tailoring your dresses with the style secret of sleeves.