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Shahrukh Amin:

The Designer Of Artful Creations

Morshedul Alam Mohabat

    20 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

The Designer 
Of Artful Creations

Shahrukh Amin, a popular name in the fashion industry, has earned repute at home and abroad for designing the attires with a fusion of traditional vibes and modern twists. Despite the fact that fashion industry is still growing in our country, he has already created quite a stir among fashion-conscious people by dint of his outlet ‘Almira’. This versatile fashion designer has shared more about him and his works for the readers:     


You began your journey as a fashion designer many years ago when the very concept of fashion designing was not so popular in the society. So, did you have to struggle to pursue your dream?

“Yes, of course. At that time (during nineties) people were not so familiar with the notion of fashion designing. We have a big family, so it was also difficult to persuade my family members. And even now my father asks me sometimes ‘what do I do’. However I managed to keep chasing my dream. During my student life I started working for ‘Dressy Dale’ three days a week. Along with my study I kept doing works as a fashion designer for ‘Dressy Dale’ for three years and that experience helped me a lot. Moreover I was inspired by our senior designers, namely Bibi Russell and Maheen Khan.”


What was your intention behind establishing ‘Almira’?

“After leaving ‘Dressy Dale’ I came to realize that I want to create/do something that will get popularized by my name. That’s why I established my outlet ‘Almira’. I began Almira by renting a small room with a rent of only Tk. 15,000 and three craftsmen. At that time I had to struggle a lot as people were not accustomed to buying designer dress. But I had a belief in my mind that one day people will understand this concept and recognize my works. This is what kept me going.”



Destination wedding is very popular in India. They even hire fashion designers for such event. What about us- is this custom growing in our country?

“This idea is not still so popular in our country. But it is true that people are growing to be more fashion-conscious. Nowadays brides and grooms come to us (fashion designers) and they discuss their preferences like what they would like to wear on their big day.”


What kind of themes do you like to work with?

“I prefer to work with traditional attires such as sari and salwar kameez. As Bangladesh is a Muslim country, people are not used to wearing western outfits. But time is changing and youths are gradually getting more interested in western fashion. So, I try to mingle western fashion with traditional vibes creating a fusion in the designs of traditional attires. However traditional wears and designs are always on my priority list.”


Where do you find your inspiration for your works?

“Basically I follow the trends. I analyze what is going to rule the fashion scene and what kind of fabrics people are going to enjoy in the next year and then, I get focused on those particular details while forming new designs.”


How do you come up with new ideas?

“For me, your style should enhance your personality. So while designing an attire for someone, I take that particular person and his personality into consideration. Because I think your style or fashion wear should not overpower the beauty of your individual personality. Moreover I keep the comfort factor in mind.”


You have participated in many international fashions shows. How are our designers’ works evaluated in the international fashion scene?
“The response is really good. At the time of taking part in the Islamabad Fashion Week I have observed that people in the international arena have clear ideas about our country, heritage and our works. When we showcase our works in the international platform, they can easily feel that these are from Bangladesh.”


What will be trending in the next season?

“In 2018, check and stripes will make a comeback. In the meantime retro style will be restored in the fashion scene. We must always remember that fashion is like a wheel, so the same fashion comes back time and again within the interval of a few years. Designers take these aspects into account and blend those with their individual style to create something new for a new season.”