Fashion Musings | 2017-11-20 |


Fashion Musings

A new season is bringing with it an extensive wardrobe revamp. Nature is changing. Trends are altering. Little do most of us realize that we are undergoing some changes too. As some wise man had once said, “Only change is constant.” By change, we don’t mean wrinkles on our skin rather it’s your fashion quotient. So, bring some changes in your style statement this season.

Model: Faima Haq Mim Photo: Monjurul Alam Wardrobe: Cats Eye Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom Make-up: RED Beauty Studio & Salon     20 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Fashion Musings

Picture Perfect : When was the last time you said to yourself that you are beautiful? If the answer is never, then it is time for self-love. Appreciating yourself, grooming your outer beauty and shining in your inner beauty can help make life more meaningful. After all, every moment should be a picture-perfect moment!

Enchant With Monochromes


Teaming black and white is an easy shortcut to pared-back elegance, a high-contrast approach to getting dressed that can be as formal or as laid-back as you like. There is something about monochromes that is so charming. The best part is that there are no rules: this is a colour combination that isn’t dictated by the changing seasons. Try a black kameez with white block prints paired with black leggings and dupatta (orna). The beauty of maintaining a wardrobe with monochromatic pieces means not only does it make choosing from wardrobe easier, but monochromatic dresses are also effortlessly elegant.


When Less Is More


When it comes to creating an elegant style statement, sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that work the best. There’s a reason why classics earn their enduring status – and with light colours such as yellow, pastels and so on, it’s easy to see why it enjoys such a highly regarded reputation. The other plus factor is that there is so much that can be done with classic light hued dresses compared to modern glitter and shimmer. There is a lot of space. You can experiment with dupatta colours and patterns; flaunt your aesthetic jewelry and so on. In wearing dresses with multiple patterns and bold colours, everything else fades away including the embellishment you are wearing. So, keep it simple and you will see how paradoxically it becomes gorgeous!



Try Fusion Workouts


If you are looking for unique ideas to try out for an evening party, think about contrasting colours. Sometimes your wardrobe can also have a good workout! A pair of jet-black leggings or jeans along with a brightly coloured kurti designed on sleeves with black cuffs, adorned with stylish embroidery is surely funky. This is something with an androgynous twist, yet that makes it all the more attractive.



Sculpt Your Moment


While keeping up with your outer appearance- that includes style, grooming and what not, don’t forget to nourish your inner child! A happy person looks all the more beautiful. It also feels beautiful, so it adds to more beauty! It’s almost like a wheel! Play with bright colours such as a lime green kameez with black leggings that absorbs the beauty of the serene green fields. Harness positive energy and let your style express that.