Cosmos Atelier71’s 6-day etching workshop ends | 2017-11-11 |

Cosmos Atelier71’s 6-day etching workshop ends

    11 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Cosmos Atelier71’s 6-day etching workshop ends

Cosmos Atelier71 Printmaking Studio’s six-day printmaking (Etching) workshop titled ‘Nature Quest’ at Cosmos Centre in the city’s Malibagh area ended on Wednesday, enabling 12 emerging artists from across the country to learn about the skills of the art form of etching, reports UNB.

Renowned artist Rokeya Sultana, Professor of the Department of Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University, conducted the session ‘Nature Quest’, while artist Uttam Kumar Bashak, Professor of Visva-Bharati University of India, conducted the session ‘Nature-The Source of Inspiration and Energy’ in the etching workshop.

The participating artists were-- Rashid Amin, Anisuzzaman Anis, Nagarbasi Barman, Ashraful Hossain, Sujit Sarker, Boni Adam, Palash Baran Bishwash, Farzana Rahman Boby, Sourav Chowdhury, Nadia Yeasmin, Juton Chandra Roy and S. M. Ehsan.

In his address at the closing ceremony, Cosmos Group and UNB Chairman Amanullah Khan underlined the importance of the printmaking workshop and pointed out that Cosmos Atelier71 Printmaking Studio since its inception in 2009 has been experimenting with different printmaking forms to make them acceptable as a conventional form to the artists of Bangladesh and bring printmaking into the country’s mainstream art world.

He hoped the workshop had served to motivate, enthuse and empower the participants who would not only apply the new skills acquired and the lessons learned to their artworks but also pass them on to their colleagues and students.

Khan also assured that such workshops would be organised more frequently in the future with the aim of opening up the art market to the common people to suit their budgets and in the process turn art into a powerful vehicle for social transformation at the grassroots.

He also pointed out that printmaking machines designed, developed, fabricated and customised with local expertise by Gallery Cosmos have proved to be user and environment friendly.

The UNB Chairman further said: “As is known to you all, printmaking is a form of art that lends itself to creating multiple images or editions from a single original surface called a plate or a matrix. As such, prints are multipliable and easily transportable across long distances and different time zones, they are capable of reaching a wider audience and prove affordable to the man in the street.”

He added that since its inception, printmaking has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge and promotion of culture on which human civilization firmly rests. “As Bangladesh is striving to build a knowledge-based society because of its resource constraint, it can harness the printmaking medium of art as one of the means to spread knowledge, information and messages to the public at large,” he concluded.

Artist Uttam Kumar Bashak said, “It was beyond my imagination that this workshop would be successful in such a short period of time. We have completed all works that we set out to achieve. Our portfolio is ready. This workshop could hardly been possible if Cosmos Studio had not organised it. We left no stone unturned to make sure that printmaking in Bangladesh can go a long way.”

“We expect that this studio continues to work ceaselessly and tirelessly. We have given some suggestions in this regard. We can also send in some students to this centre of excellence in printmaking. Frankly, we have no chance to see the type of press in operation at the studio in our own country. We thank the Cosmos Gallery and studio from the bottom of our hearts for what they have achieved and are engaged in doing,” the art professor from India asserted.      

Expressing gratitude to the Cosmos Group, renowned artist Rokeya Sultana elucidated, “We are very much happy to participate in such a unique and wonderful workshop. The host of the workshop has tried utmost to provide all relevant supports and backups during the workshop. We are thankful for their warm cordiality, hospitality and care throughout the workshop period.”

One of the participants, Lecturer S.M. Ehsan from the University of Alternative Developments said, “It was a perfect workshop to turn us on. We have carefully scrutinised the various works done by different participants. It was a direct and first-hand lesson and experience for us. It will stand us in good stead if we retrace our steps through this voyage of discovery. Interactions among us were a part of the learning process whereby to judge ourselves and correct our little mistakes.”   

“We’ve learnt a great deal in a very short space of time. We wished the duration could be long-lasting.  We got all the assistance and cooperation needed during the workshop. It is only possible for Cosmos Group to provide a family environment which is a rarity in a workshop. I was working here like I was in my home,” another participant Nadia Sharmin observed.            The workshop began on November 3.