Check unfit vehicles | 2017-11-10 |

Check unfit vehicles

Press release     10 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

The worn-out vehicles offer nothing but a death trap to the commuters, but yet, this category of buses still reins supreme in city roads. These unfit vehicles not only increase the chances of road accidents, but also are responsible for creating traffic jam; because when such a bus breaks down on the street, it takes time to remove the same.


Unfit motor vehicles are not only a threat to public safety, but also a serious threat to the environment as well. These rickety vehicles emit excessive dark smoke. Carbon monoxide level in the city reached beyond the permissible limit owing to vehicular pollution. The authorities concerned apparently adopted a lackadaisical attitude to this problem.


From time to time, Bangladesh Road and Transport Authority (BRTA) conducts mobile court drive to keep worn-out vehicles off the road. Such drives can best be described as cat and mouse game between police and unfit vehicles. Whenever BRTA launches a drive against unfit vehicles, all the vehicles without fitness certificate go off the road. It is said that agents placed by bus owners at different positions in the city tip off the drivers about possible timing and spot of the crackdown. In that way most of the unfit vehicles so far have managed to elude the law enforcers’ net. And in case when the owners of such vehicles land in a sticky situation, they can easily go scot-free with speed money. Thus the drive against unfit vehicles so far failed to achieve desired result.


One can only hope that BRTA will evaluate the effectiveness of its drive against unfit vehicles and come up with renewed strategy. We can suggest that the drive against unfit vehicles should be a regular phenomenon. If the police and BRTA authorities strictly enforce traffic rules all the year round, the mindset of the vehicle owners will change and they will try their best to adhere to the law.