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Hong Kongers must stand up for China, says Lam

    12 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Hong Kongers must stand up for China, says Lam

HONG KONG: Hong Kongers have a duty to stand up for China over threats to its sovereignty, the territory’s leader Carrie Lam said Wednesday, months after Beijing warned against any challenge to its control over the semi-autonomous city, reports AFP.

Lam, making her first policy address since she came to power earlier this year, skirted the subject of political reform as the city’s pro-democracy forces contend with an increasingly assertive Beijing.

She began her speech with a reference to the Chinese president’s warning that any challenge to Beijing’s control over semi-autonomous Hong Kong crossed a “red line” when he visited the city to mark 20 years since the handover in July.

“President Xi Jinping said in all earnestness that the destiny of Hong Kong has always been intricately bound with the motherland,” said Lam after her opening remarks.

“Everybody with a passion for Hong Kong has...the obligation to say ‘no’ to any attempt to threaten our country’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” Lam said.

She added the city has “the duty to nurture our next generation into citizens with a sense of national identity,” referring to proposals to imbue the youth with a sense of Chinese patriotism.