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Do You Know?

    14 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Do You Know?

• In his youth, Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl by the name of Stefanie Isak. He never could gather the courage to say anything to her, which doesn’t sound like Hitler. He did have fantasies of kidnapping her or even committing suicide along with her.
• Hitler had a nephew named William Patrick Hitler, who fought against him as part of the U.S Navy. He even worked for his uncle for a couple years.
• There were 42 known assassination attempts on his life. He survived all of them.
• Hitler dropped out of high school. Like many of us, he wished to become an artist.
• When Hitler was a boy, he wanted to be a priest. Hitler was humbled by a local priest as a four year old boy when the cleric saved him from a freezing lake. As an adult, being a priest wasn’t enough for Hitler. He wanted to play god.
• Hitler was on drugs. Despite obtaining from alcohol, Hitler took as many as 80 different drugs a day. One of them, pervitin, is basically crystal meth.
• Hitler wasn’t even from Germany. He was born in Austria.