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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A Stylus-Equipped Phablet

    14 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

A Stylus-Equipped Phablet

This is a year of reinvention for Samsung, and we’ve already seen the shocking effect a new design can have on modernizing the company’s Galaxy S flagship. Armed with that success, Samsung’s taking the same approach to introduce a new Galaxy Note 8 that manages to both bring the series back from the grave, and celebrate a daring new design in the process.



More than just a giant GS8 with a stylus, but the Note 8 still struggles with its own size. This new look is arguably no more pronounced anywhere than it is on the Galaxy Note 8. While the basic layout of the handset gets its cues from the Galaxy S8, the much more squared-off corners make the Note 8 feel less like a phone and more like some sort of futuristic half-tablet – just an exceptionally tall one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a heavy phone. While basically a scaled-up Galaxy S8 (or slightly lesser-scaled-up S8+), the Note 8 comes in just shy of 200g.  



A Note phone’s always going to have a big screen, but this year really takes the cake, as Samsung pushes past the Note 7’s 5.7-inch display, and even inches past (or rather, millimeters past) the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ to give us a curved-edge, rounded-corner, ultra-widescreen 6.3-inch screen.


Like we saw on those S8 models, Samsung calls this its Infinity Display, and with good reason, as it feels like this phone is just one big display, stretching to nearly all corners of the hardware. Only a conservative little bezel strip at the top and bottom of the phone’s face keep that screen constrained.