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Tailback troubles return journey of holidaymakers

Staff Correspondent     10 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Tailback troubles return journey of holidaymakers

A long tailback is created on Dhaka-Tangail highway on Saturday causing immense sufferings for thousands of passengers who are on their return journey to the capital after celebrating Eid-ul-Azha at their village homes.-sun Photo

People, especially women and children, returning to the capital after spending Eid holidays suffered badly as most of the highways were severely gridlocked on Saturday.

Most of the roads and highways across the country have been experiencing massive tailbacks since Thursday due to heavy rush of motorised vehicles after Eid, witnesses said.

Huge rush of holidaymakers were seen on all the highways, at railway stations and bus-launch terminals in the capital on Saturday.

Most of the people returned to the capital yesterday as they will have to attend their offices today.

People, who started their journey on Friday, also got  stuck on the way back to the capital on Saturday due to massive gridlocks.

Talking to daily sun, a Dhaka-bound passenger said he started his journey from Kushtia at 11:30pm on Friday and reached Dhaka at 4:30pm on Saturday.

He said their vehicle got stuck in a huge tailback from the west side of the Bangabandhu Bridge to Chandra area.

Transport workers said a 60-kilometre tailback was created on the Dhaka-Tangail highway due to a heavy rush of vehicles since Friday.

Thousands of passengers suffered on the highways  from Friday night to Saturday noon as vehicles got stuck in traffic jams.

Several hundred vehicles were at a stand-still last night at several points on the highway from the Bangabandhu Bridge to Chandra.

Vehicles were moving slowly on nearly 60-kilometre highway stretching from Chandra of Gazipur to Elenga of Tangail.

Many drivers were seen asleep due to huge traffic congestion for long hours.

Due to severe heat, many passengers were seen sleeping on streets spreading cloth on the ground.

Long queues of vehicles were seen on the road from Elenga of Tangail to Chandra, causing immense sufferings to holidaymakers.

Thousands of Dhaka-bound people from the northern districts went through a harrowing experience as vehicles got stuck for hours at Mahasthangarh near the Korotoa Bridge on the Dhaka-Rangpur highway.

A large number of vehicles got stuck on both sides of the bridge.

Traffic jam was also seen on Daulatdia side of the Padma river due to heavy rush of vehicles on Saturday. Passengers got stuck for hours to cross the river as a five-kilometre tailback was created on the way.

 Thousands of people arrived on waterways at the city’s Sadarghat launch terminal on Saturday.

People are returning in droves to the capital every day as they will have to join their work on Sunday.