The sights and sounds of Eid-ul-Azha | 2017-09-01 |

The sights and sounds of Eid-ul-Azha

Culture Desk     1 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

The sights and sounds of Eid-ul-Azha

In order to provide a wide choice of  entertainment for the  audience on Eid days, local satellite television channels have come up with a number of  quality plays, telefilms, concerts, reality-shows, magazine programmes and more. The entertainment programmes on the local TV channels are as below.

ATN Bangla, the country’s first private television channel, is all set to celebrate the holy Eid-ul-Azha with an eight-day elaborate programme.
The channel will launch its celebrations through airing Praner Chaya Prio, a feature film starring Riaz and Ravina, at 3.10pm while special play Bag O Bishmoy will be aired at 7.45pm on Friday, the day before Eid.

A special play titled Doyaban Mistanno Vandar will be aired at 8.45pm while Boson Karigor, another special Eid play, will be telecast at 10.45pm.  
The channel will air special drama titled Goni Shaheber Shesh Kisudin at 8.30am while Judge Barrister Police Commissioner, a film starring actors Shakib, Purnima, Razzak, and others, will be aired at 10.30am on Eid day.

ATN Bangla will air special drama Nonsense, starring Zahid Hasan, Rici, Abul Hayat and others at 8.30am while Mughal-E-Azam, a film will be aired at 2.10pm on Sunday, the second day of Eid.

Chutki Bhandhar, a special Eid play instructed by Shamim Jahan, will be aired at 8.00pm.  

Channel i, a leading satellite television channel of the country, has chalked out a week-long programme to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha.

The channel will telecast a total of 11 telifilms, including Na Jagotik Na Puran, Propok Pria Pori, Moner Vitor Nodi, Pahare Megher Chhaya, Niotir Muchki Hashi, Prem Mohabbot Bhalobasha and others.


A total of 13 special Eid plays such as Shesh Porjonto Tomake Chai, Pranbonto Prithok Purush, Mukta Jhora Hashi, Shonar Manush, Boiragir Gaan, Ruper Dali and others will be aired on the channel during the week of Eid.

Besides, channel i will air a film titled ‘Grass’, directed by Maria Afrin Tusher, the film stars Toma Mirza, Shuvo Khan and others at 10.15 pm on the fifth day of  Eid.

Krishoker Eid Anando, a special Eid magazine programme featuring farmer of the country, will enchant TV viewers of the country.

The magazine programme is scheduled to be aired on the Channel i at 4.30pm on the second day of Eid-ul-Azha.

The current episode of the programme, planned, directed and hosted by Shykh Seraj, will feature the peasants of Haluaghat in Mymensingh.

 Ntv, one of the most popular satellite channels of the country, will air a musical show titled ‘Brand special’ at 8.30am on Eid day.


The channel will air Purno Dorgho Prem Kahini2, a feature film starring Shakib Khan, Joya Ahsan, Razzak and others, at 10.05am while telefilm Megher Arale Megh will be aired 2.20pm.

Abnormal, a special Eid play written and directed by Masud Shejan, will be aired at 6.50pm while Tumi, Ami and Amra will be telecast at 8.05pm.  
ntv will air Nobaber Prem, a special Eid play at 9.50pm.

The channel will also air a solo music show by Runa Layla at 12:30 pm on Eid day.

The channel will telecast eid film Koto Shopno Koto Asha at 10.05am while Solmade, a special Eid telefilm featuring Momo and Arfan Nisho, at 2.20pm at the second day of Eid.

Jan Korban, a Bangla movie, will be aired at 10.05am while ‘Batch 27 the Last Page’, a telefilm starring Apurba and Mithila, will be telecast at 2.20 pm on the third day of Eid.


ntv will air Jogfal Sunno, a drama starring Moushumi and Ferdous, at 9.00 am while Ek Buk Jawala, film will be aired at 10.05am on the fourth day of Eid.

Dadi Ma, a bangle movie featuring Shakib Khan, Apu Bishwas, Omar Sani and others, will be aired at 10.05am while Amra Fire Jabo, a telefilm will be aired at 2:20pm on the fifth day of the Eid.

Marking the holy festival of the Muslim community, Bangla Vision also has undertaken a week-long programme.

The channel will launch its celebrations through airing Bangla vision Eid Ayojon,   at 5.25pm on the eve of the Eid.

Amake Puraite Tomar Eto Ayojon, a solo musical show by singer Momtaz, will be aired at 8.15pm on the day.

The channel will air Jan Amer Jan, a feature film starring Shakib Khan, Apu Bishwas, at 10.10am on Eid day.   


A special Eid telefilm styled Megh Tumi Bristy Hoya Jau will be telecast at 2.10pm.

Married life Average Aslam, a seven-episode drama serial will be broadcast at 6.30pm  on the Eid day.