Create congenial atmosphere for next JS polls | 2017-07-18 |

Create congenial atmosphere for next JS polls

Fakhrul urges EC

Staff Correspondent     18 July, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Create congenial atmosphere for next JS polls

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday urged the Election Commission (EC) to create an election atmosphere for making its election roadmap successful.

“We want to clearly tell the EC to first create an election atmosphere to make its roadmap successful. The EC will have to take all the responsibilities.

If the political parties do not go to election like that of January 5, 2014, the EC will have to hold election with dogs, goats and sheep, not with human beings,” he categorically said.

The BNP leader came up with the statement while addressing a seminar on BNP’s Vision-2030 at Moulana Bhasani Auditorium at Dhaka city BNP office in the capital’s Nayapaltan. Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal, the women’s wing of BNP, organised the programme.

“The EC has given the work plan for the 11th election. But where is the road? Who will join the election? You are giving map but there is no road.


All the political parties will have to be brought to a road. Where is the road? If there is no road then what will be done with the map?, he asked.

“You have exhausted the road of election by digging and making potholes as you have exhausted roads across the country by digging and developing potholes. You are making all arrangements so that the opposition parties cannot go to election,” he stated.  

Drawing attention to the government, Mirza Fakhrul said, “Leave all these things and come to the right path. We want to tell them (the ruling party men) that they won’t get way to escape due to their misdeeds, killings, forced disappearances, corruption and plunders.”

The only way for the ruling party to escape is to arrange a fair election with participation of all political parties through discussions, he said.

“There is obstruction in election. This government doesn’t want a fair election in the country. This government doesn’t want our participation in election. If we take part in election and if people caste their vote freely then they will never be able to come to power due to their misdeeds,” he added.