Reuse of oil in food items poses serious health risk | 2017-06-20 |

Reuse of oil in food items poses serious health risk

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman     20 June, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Reuse of oil in food items poses serious health risk

Reuse of edible oil in food items made in  restaurants and road-side shops is posing serious health risks to people consuming such foods.


According to health experts, food items made with stale edible oil can create diseases like stomach ulcer, kidney and liver complications, acidity, heart disease and cancer.


Many restaurants and roadside shops in the capital and elsewhere across the country are reusing edible oil to prepare foods and consuming such foods leads to various health complications, experts opined.


Different types of fried food items, which are very  popular during Ramadan,   such as beguni, piyaju, pakora, chhola, jilapi, kebab, grilled and smoked foods, halim, bundia, potato chop, chicken-roast and other fried items, are widely prepared using stale edible oils.


While visiting some road-side eateries in the capital, this correspondent saw them using stale edible oils for making foods.


Prof Dr Iqbal Rauf Mamun, member of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, told daily sun that when edible oil is heated continuously oil oxidation is produced, which creates unsaturated fatty acid.


Aldehydes and carboxylic acid are produced in the oil after heating the used oil, he said.


Aldehydes is linked to illnesses, including cancer, heart disease and dementia, and carboxylic acid destroys the new cell of the body which is responsible for ulcer in the stomach. Carboxylic acid is responsible for cancer as this acid produces carcinoma, scientists said.


Edible oil is the prime source of free fatty acid which is required for human body to meet the demand of fatty acid, but repeated use of edible oil, this fatty acid becomes toxic, said Prof Iqbal.


This toxic oil is responsible for intestine complications and heart disease with liver and kidney problem, he added.


Prof Iqbal advised consumers to avoid the food items made with reused edible oil as they cause serious health risks.