Govt to erect statue portraying hatred of collaborators | 2017-06-20 |

Govt to erect statue portraying hatred of collaborators

Staff Correspondent     20 June, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Liberation war affairs minister AKM Mozammel Huq on Monday told parliament that the government has intended to build a statue to display their abhorrence of local collaborators who committed crimes against humanity during the country’s War of Independence.
“We have a plan to construct a statue to express our hatred of razakars, al-badrs, al-shams and other collaborators of the Pakistani Army who committed atrocities during the Liberation War in 1971,” Huq said while answering a question of Awami League legislator Ummey Razia Kajol.
Huq, also a freedom fighter, said the Bengali nation would never forget the brutality committed by the Pakistani occupation army and local collaborators.
The government infused with the spirit of the liberation war is ceaselessly working to project true history before the new generation, he said.
The marauding army of Pakistan and their collaborators committed one of the history’s worst genocides in Bangladesh by killing countless unarmed Bengalis during the nine-month war.
The war, preceded by 24 years of intense political struggle for democracy, national identity and national liberation, broke out on March 26 in 1971 when the Pakistan army launched operations against Bengali civilians, students, the intelligentsia and armed personnel.
Bengali military and paramilitary as well as civilians formed ‘Mukti Bahini’ which engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Pakistan occupation forces.
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami vehemently opposed the independence of the erstwhile East Pakistan and formed militias such as razakars, al-badrs and al-shams which terrorized and massacred innocent Bengali civilians, particularly the religious minorities.
Bangladesh achieved independence after a bloody nine-month war against Pakistan in exchange for lives of three million people.