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Tete a Tete with Armeen Musa

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     1 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Tete a Tete
with Armeen Musa

Photo: Bipul Roy, Sourav Bhuiyan and Avishek Bhattacharjee

Music is one of the most beautiful things of this universe. Somebody who aims to spread love and positivity through music is a soul unbound.


Such a signing soul is Armeen Musa. Music is as if in her blood. Then again, coming from a musical background, being the daughter of eminent Nazrul Sangeet singer Nashid Kamal, and great-granddaughter of legendary singer Abbasuddin Ahmed, it is understandable that music is in her genes.


The talented singer who is also a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music rose to fame from a young age for her mellifluous voice. The videos of Berklee Indian Ensemble, one of largest and most diverse ensembles at the college with members representing 37 countries (including Bangladesh, through vocalist Armeen Musa), are trending in youtube to these days. When AR Rahman was given a doctorate from Berklee College of Music, as a tribute to him, they had done a choir performance of few of his songs making their own version of some of them. It was widely appreciated all around the world. Armeen’s musical prowess is vast with her interests ranging from pop to classical, jazz to folk and so on. Her songs harmonise various aspects of life. Her tracks Bhromor Koio (a remake of Radha Raman's classic), Shonar Moyna Pakhi, Dubey, Simultaneously, Shongram etc. are massive hits. In 2008, Armeen's debut album, a compilation of original songs and a cover, produced by Armeen's band ‘Ghasshphoring’ as well as other artistes including Buno, Labik Kamal Gaurob and Arnob was released. Recently the gorgeous singer-songwriter has shared her story with Groove.


The Musical Journey:

“My journey has been amazing. Social issues, finances, even a year without doing shows, were part of my journey. I don't see anything as an obstacle, because nothing could stop me. By the grace of Almighty, everything has made me feel that I am in the right direction. I have experienced, what felt like brand new lives, again and again. Being a student of music in the past 7 years, I travelled in and out of homes and attended classes and concerts. Whatever happened I just followed my heart,” said Armeen Musa.



“Recently I performed at Radio Next of my own songs and remakes. Right now I am about to release a four-song live video project. We released the first one on March 26, a song by George Harrison titled ‘Bangladesh’. And on top of that, I am scoring a short film. I am working on an EP of song tributing 20th century Bangla music and another project of my own Bangla songs. And the one that is most exciting, my choir ‘Ghasshphoring’ is about to release some of our compositions in the upcoming months. So you can say I am busy with many things at present days,” stated Armeen.
Difference in Music of the East from the West


“To me they are all music most of the time. Each side has its challenging and rewarding moments. I continue to learn both from my teachers, and I think it’s because I am not very good at either one, I just sing my own songs. While I was abroad I made more English songs. Nowadays I make more Bangla songs. It sort of balances both sides.”



Is There Any Problem For Female Singers?

“There are advantages and disadvantages of being in the subcontinent as a woman. The main disadvantage is apparent, it’s a man’s world and my industry is a man’s industry. Especially the producer, event organiser etc. roles are taken by men even without artiste backgrounds. Dealing with them is a test of patience no doubt. But the artiste community of both men and women are wonderful, I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such hard working people.”


Comment For Fans
“To everyone in this world, be gentle with yourself, nurture yourself, love yourself, and do whatever it takes for your own happiness. It is your duty, no one else’s.”